Changes to Google Workspace storage

News | Posted on Friday 16 June 2023

Google has announced that it will be changing the way they provide and charge for storage space within Google Workspace (Gmail/ Google Drive etc).

This means that the storage that was provided as part of our agreement with Google will soon be capped and any usage beyond that will incur additional charges. 

As a result, we will be introducing storage quotas of up to 1TB on all Google accounts from September. 

Owners of accounts that are currently using a large amount of storage will be contacted directly so that we can work with them to understand what the space is currently being used for and to look into possible alternative solutions. 

To see an overview of what you are storing in your Google Drive click on the bottom tab ‘Storage’ in the left hand side of your drive. This will display an overview of your Google Drive usage and a list of all your files, you can sort this list by the amount of storage they are taking up by clicking ‘Storage used' on the right hand side of the page. 

If you have any questions about this, please contact