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Academic and Research Staff

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Dr Kathryn Arnold
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 322997

Chair of Ethics Committee

Elaine Azzopardi
Research Associate


David Appleton
Research Technician


Dr Andrew Bate
Research Associate


Dr Bryce Beukers-Stewart
Tel: 01904 324789

Communications (inc Open Days)

Dr Oli Boles
Postdoctoral research associate


Professor Alistair BoxallProfessor
Tel: 01904 324791


Dr Katherine Brookfield
Tel: 01904 324060

Open Days
Library Representative
White Rose DTP BoS
Research Group Convenor (Human Geography & Environment) 

Dr Steve Cinderby
Senior Researcher, SEI-Y
Tel:  07552 285 888


Co-leader SEI Transforming Governance research theme


Professor Colin Brown
Tel: 01904 324322

Convenor (Environmental Science & Management)

Dr Laura Chapman
Associate Lecturer

Feedback Champion

Dr Nicola Carslaw
Tel: 01904 324777

Chair of Research Committee

Dr Matthew Cotton
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)


Dr Michael Cooper
Research Associate



Dr Simon Croft
Research Associate, SEI-Y
Tel:  07552 285 896

SEI-Y Staff Representative

Dr Joana Cruz
Research Associate & Teaching Fellow


Dr Aida CunĂ­ Sanchez
Postdoctoral research associate


Annemarieke de Bruin
Research Associate
Tel: 07552 285 897


Ms Fiona Dickson
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

Convenor (Corporate Sustainability & Environmental Management)

Dr Alison Dyke
Community Scientist, SEI-Y
Tel: 07552 285 898


Professor Lisa Emberson
Tel: 01904 322925

ACCE Director
SEI-Y Liaison

Dr Jon Ensor
Senior Research Fellow (Associate Professor)
Tel: 07552 285 906


Professor Ioan Fazey

Deputy Head of Department (Strategy)

Dr Richard Friend
Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor


Dr Ed Garrett

Research Group Convenor (Phys & Env Geography)

Professor Roland Gehrels 
Professor & Head of Department
Tel: 01904 324376

Head of Department

Dr Adrian Gonzalez
Associate Lecturer
Tel: 01904 325958


Dr Jonathan Green
Senior Researcher, SEI-Y
Tel: 0755 228 5915 


Dr Glenn Havelock
Associate Lecturer and Research Associate


Dr Andreas Heinemeyer
Senior Researcher & Research Group Leader, SEI-Y
Tel: 07552 285902


Fiona Hibbert
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow


Dr Kevin Hicks
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 07552 285890


Dr Jon Hill
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324480

Chair of BoE
Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Chair

Professor Mark Hodson
Tel: 01904 324065

REF Lead

Dr Claire Hughes
Deputy Head of Department & Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324010

Deputy Head of Department
Director of Teaching & Learning 

Dr Eleanor Jew

Organiser of Dissertation Projects


Dr Delphine Joly
Marie Curie Research Fellow


Dr Jasper Kenter
Senior Lecturer
Tel: +44 (0)1904 324058 / (0)781 2560194

Convenor (Environmental Economics & Environmental Management)
Impact Lead

Dr Joshua Kirshner
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)
Tel: 01904 324277


Dr Johan Kuylenstierna
Reader / Research Leader, SEI-Y
Tel: 07968 580 557


Dr Chris Malley
Research Associate, SEI-Y
Tel: 07578 725 402


Professor Rob Marchant
Tel: 01904 324061


Simone Martino
Environmental Scientist & Resource Economist



Dr Colin McClean
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 322995

Chair of Exceptional Circumstances
Academic Misconduct Committee

Dr Andrew R Marshall
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 323146


Dr David Medio
Honorary Visiting Fellow
Tel: 01904 322999


Dr Robert Mills
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Tel: 01904 326508

Chair of Graduate Studies

Dr Freja Oesterstroem
Research Associate


Dr Bethan O'Leary
Research Associate


Dr Karen Parkhill
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324694

Convenor (Human Geography & Environment)

Dr Rachel Pateman
Researcher, SEI-Y


Dr Phil Platts
Research Fellow

Research Group Leader (Conservation in Action)

Dr Suzi Richer
Research Associate


Dr David Rippin
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324703

Convenor (Environmental Geography)

Graham Rush
Associate Lecturer & PhD Student
Tel: 01904 323701


Dr Marco Sakai

Convenor (Environment, Economics & Ecology)

Dr Brett Sallach


Careers & Employability Academic Lead
Convenor (Environmental Science)

Dr Katherine Selby
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324784

Academic Misconduct Committee


Dr David Shaw
Research Associate

Research Group Convenor (Environmental Science)

Dr James Stockdale


Professor Lindsay Stringer


Dr Daryl Stump

Sustainability Officer

Dr Samarthia Thankappan
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324324

Overseas Study

Dr Jessica Thorn
Research Associate
Tel: 01904 324212


Dr Sylvia Toet
Tel: 01904 324018


Dr Julia Touza
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324246


Dr. Martha Lucia Villamizar Velez



Dr Dean Waters

Head of Admissions
Post-offer Visit Day

Dr Chris West
Senior Research Leader, SEI-Y
Tel: 07552 285913


Dr Sarah West
Centre Director & Senior Research Associate, SEI-Y
Tel: 07965 661181

Director of SEI York

Professor Piran White
Tel: 01904 324062


Dr John Wilkinson
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Tel: 01904 324226