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Academic and Research Staff

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Dr Kathryn Arnold
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 322997

Chair of Ethics Committee

Elaine Azzopardi
Research Associate


Dr Andrew Bate
Research Associate


Dr Bryce Beukers-Stewart
Tel: 01904 324789

Communications (inc Open Days)

Dr Oli Boles
Postdoctoral research associate


Professor Alistair BoxallProfessor
Tel: 01904 324791


Dr Katherine Brookfield
Tel: 01904 324060

Open Days
Library Representative
White Rose DTP BoS
Research Group Convenor (Human Geography & Environment) 

Dr Steve Cinderby
Senior Researcher, SEI-Y
Tel:  07552 285 888


Co-leader SEI Transforming Governance research theme


Professor Colin Brown
Tel: 01904 324322

Convenor (Environmental Science & Management)

Dr Laura Chapman
Associate Lecturer

Feedback Champion

Dr Nicola Carslaw
Tel: 01904 324777

Chair of Research Committee

Dr Matthew Cotton
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)


Dr Michael Cooper
Research Associate



Dr Simon Croft
Research Associate, SEI-Y
Tel:  07552 285 896

SEI-Y Staff Representative

Dr Joana Cruz
Research Associate & Teaching Fellow


Dr Aida CunĂ­ Sanchez
Postdoctoral research associate


Annemarieke de Bruin
Research Associate
Tel: 07552 285 897


Ms Fiona Dickson
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

Convenor (Corporate Sustainability & Environmental Management)

Dr Alison Dyke
Community Scientist, SEI-Y
Tel: 07552 285 898


Professor Lisa Emberson
Tel: 01904 322925

ACCE Director
SEI-Y Liaison

Dr Jon Ensor
Senior Research Fellow (Associate Professor)
Tel: 07552 285 906


Professor Ioan Fazey

Deputy Head of Department (Strategy)

Dr Richard Friend
Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor


Dr Ed Garrett

Research Group Convenor (Phys & Env Geography)

Professor Roland Gehrels 
Professor & Head of Department
Tel: 01904 324376

Head of Department

Dr Adrian Gonzalez
Associate Lecturer
Tel: 01904 325958


Dr Jonathan Green
Senior Researcher, SEI-Y
Tel: 0755 228 5915 


Dr Glenn Havelock
Associate Lecturer and Research Associate


Dr Andreas Heinemeyer
Senior Researcher & Research Group Leader, SEI-Y
Tel: 07552 285902


Dr Kevin Hicks
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 07552 285890


Dr Jon Hill
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324480

Chair of BoE
Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Chair

Professor Mark Hodson
Tel: 01904 324065

REF Lead

Dr Claire Hughes
Deputy Head of Department & Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324010

Deputy Head of Department
Director of Teaching & Learning 

Dr Eleanor Jew

Organiser of Dissertation Projects


Dr Delphine Joly
Marie Curie Research Fellow


Dr Jasper Kenter
Senior Lecturer
Tel: +44 (0)1904 324058 / (0)781 2560194

Convenor (Environmental Economics & Environmental Management)
Impact Lead

Dr Joshua Kirshner
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324277


Dr Johan Kuylenstierna
Reader / Research Leader, SEI-Y
Tel: 07968 580 557


Dr Chris Malley
Research Associate, SEI-Y
Tel: 07578 725 402


Professor Rob Marchant
Tel: 01904 324061


Simone Martino
Environmental Scientist & Resource Economist



Dr Colin McClean
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 322995

Chair of Exceptional Circumstances
Academic Misconduct Committee

Dr Andrew R Marshall
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 323146


Dr David Medio
Honorary Visiting Fellow
Tel: 01904 322999


Dr Robert Mills
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Tel: 01904 326508

Chair of Graduate Studies

Dr Freja Oesterstroem
Research Associate


Dr Bethan O'Leary
Research Associate


Dr Karen Parkhill
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324694

Convenor (Human Geography & Environment)

Dr Rachel Pateman
Researcher, SEI-Y


Dr Phil Platts
Research Fellow

Research Group Leader (Conservation in Action)

Dr Suzi Richer
Research Associate


Dr David Rippin
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324703

Convenor (Environmental Geography)

Graham Rush
Associate Lecturer & PhD Student
Tel: 01904 323701


Dr Marco Sakai

Convenor (Environment, Economics & Ecology)

Dr Brett Sallach


Careers & Employability Academic Lead
Convenor (Environmental Science)

Dr Katherine Selby
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324784

Academic Misconduct Committee


Dr David Shaw
Research Associate

Research Group Convenor (Environmental Science)

Dr James Stockdale


Dr Daryl Stump

Sustainability Officer

Dr Samarthia Thankappan
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324324

Overseas Study

Dr Jessica Thorn
Research Associate
Tel: 01904 324212


Dr Sylvia Toet
Tel: 01904 324018


Dr Corrado Topi
Senior Research Fellow, SEI-Y
Tel: 07552 285909


Dr Julia Touza
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 01904 324246


Dr. Martha Lucia Villamizar Velez



Dr Dean Waters

Head of Admissions
Post-offer Visit Day

Dr Chris West
Senior Research Leader, SEI-Y
Tel: 07552 285913


Dr Sarah West
Centre Director & Senior Research Associate, SEI-Y
Tel: 07965 661181

Director of SEI York

Professor Piran White
Tel: 01904 324062


Dr John Wilkinson
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Tel: 01904 324226