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Dr Xun Zhou
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)



Xun is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Environmental Economics in the Department of Environment and Geography. He is an Environmental Economist whose research focuses on developing and applying quantitative approaches and economic modelling to address environmental and social sustainability challenges. Xun has developed multivariate quantitative methods – particularly convex quantile regression – to price non-marketed environmental goods, such as greenhouse gas mitigation, and worked on an index framework for assessing the progress of low-carbon transition in hard-to-decarbonise sectors (e.g., transport). His research has been broadened to include emerging streams of sustainability, such as information and communication technology (ICT) for development, and data-driven causal inference (e.g., Synthetic Control Methods).  
Prior to joining University of York, Xun worked as a postdoctoral senior researcher at the Chair for Agricultural Production and Resource Economics at the Technical University of Munich (Germany). In 2019, he received his PhD in Economics and Business Administration from Aalto University School of Business (Finland). His doctoral dissertation title was "Low-Carbon Transition: How Successful and at What Cost?"


Full publications list

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

    • Kuosmanen, T., & Zhou, X. (2021). Shadow prices and marginal abatement costs: Convex quantile regression approach. European Journal of Operational Research, 289(2), 666–675.
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    • Zhou, P., Zhou, X., & Zhou, D.Q. (2014). A Survey of Studies on Estimating CO2 Mitigation Costs. Management Review, 26, 20–27. (in Chinese)

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters and Conference Proceedings

    • Lin, Y., Zhou, X., & Fan, W. (2021). How Do Customers Respond to Robotic Service? A ScenarioBased Study from the Perspective of Uncertainty Reduction Theory. In Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 576–585.
    • Zhou, X. (2018). Environmental Productivity Growth in Consumer Durables. In R. Pang, X. Bai, K. Lovell (Eds.), Energy, Environment and Transitional Green Growth in China (pp. 81–107). Springer, Singapore.

Working Papers (Preprints)

    • Kuosmanen, T., Zhou, X., Eskelinen, J., & Malo, P. (2021). Design Flaw of the Synthetic Control Method. MPRA Paper 106390
    • Malo, P., Eskelinen, J., Zhou, X., & Kuosmanen, T. (2020). Computing Synthetic Controls Using Bilevel Optimization. MPRA Paper 104085



  • Applied Economics for the Environment (convener with Marco Sakai)
  • Frontiers in Sustainability Research (contributor)


  • Economics for Natural Resources and Environmental Management (convener)
  • Current Research in Environment, Economics and Ecology (contributor)

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Dr Xun Zhou
Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
Department of Environment & Geography
University of York
YO10 5NG