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Registered PhD Students

Discover the current activities of research graduates in the Department of Environment & Geography



StudentArea of Research
Godwin Aigbe
  • Global gas flaring policies governance
  • Environmental Policies
  • Health Safety and Environment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 
Ysmeen Alazmi  
Jehad Albusaidi   
Ohood Alharbi  
Mashael Almalki   
Natalie Andersen   
Luke Andrews 
  • Peatland ecology and palaeoecology
  • Carbon fluxes
  • Age-depth modelling
  • Carbon storage
  • Testate amoeba
  • Climate change
Elaine Azzopardi  
Georgia Beel  
Vanessa Berrie   
Ergun Bey   
Hattie Brunning   
Kamsia Budin  
Michael John Bungard  
Martin Burke  
Alexandra Burkitt  
William Burn
  • Microbial ecology of peatlands and how they relate to carbon sequestration and water quality 
Esther Carmen  
Talia Contreras Tapia  
Maigari Mohammed Dauda  
George Day  
Alizee Desrousseaux  
Kennedy Osuka Edeye  
Nayeli Ariana Escalante-Kantun  
Lee Eyre  
Paulina Flores Martinez
  • Global value chains and sustainability risks 
  • International Political Economy and the environment 
  • Environmental economics
  • Environmental policies 
Christine Gemmell  
Alessa Giorgis  
Jey Gnanam
  • Sustainable Tourism 
Manogna Goparaju  
Ginelle Greene-Dewasmes  
Victoria Gutierrez Dominguez  


StudentArea of Research
Blaine Hancock   
Rachel Headings
  • Political ecology of community food system resilience: exploring the impact of circular economy policies on farmer livelihoods in the UK. 
Rosa Elba Hernandez Cruz   
Amieyeoffori Ikiriko  
Mahmuda Islam   
Alexander Jardine  
William Jessop 
  • Peatlands
  • Gas Flux and Carbon Storage
  • Botany 
Tazeen Khan   
Tamsyn Kiss   
Martin Knight  
Sarah Knight  
Taylor Lane  
Rosie Lennon  
Jun Li  
Bing Liu  
Robin Loveridge
  • Social assessment
  • Wellbeing
  • Governance  
  • Community forestry
  • Forest certification
Ruochan Ma  
Alice Marshall  
Thomas Martin  
Sani Matawalle  
Rosa Mato Amboage  
James Mcclelland  
Lucy McMahon
  • Blue Carbon,
  • Marine science,
  • Coastal Ecosystem Services
Siti Syuhaida Mohamed Yunus  
Joanne Morris  
Sitong Mu  
Carina Mueller  
Abby Mycroft
  • Peatland science
  • Soil science
  • Water quality 
  • Analytical methods 
  • Soil gaseous fluxes 
Rebecca Newman  
Thomas North  
Olajide Olawoyin  
Pritha Pande
  • SEI-Y 
  • Estimating the impacts of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (aerosol and ozone)
    on rice-wheat cropping rotations in India
Sergio Paramo Ortiz  
Rana Parween  
Anijar Priandoyo  


Student Area of Research
M M Golam Rabbani    
Karine Rassool   
Ruchirek Ratchaburi  
Lauren Rawlins 
  • Ice sheet hydrology 
  • Ice dynamics
  • Remote sensing 
  • UAVs and photogrammetry 
Graham Rush   
Guido Rutten   
Smriti Safaya
  • Citizen science
  • Experiential and environmental education
  • Geology, physical and human geography
Hamidu Seki   
Thomas Sloan 
  • Peatlands
  • Carbon
  • Tephra
Douglas Taylor
  • Social Licence to Operate (SLO)
  • Extractive Industries
  • Renewable Energy
  • Ethics and Governance
  • Employment Equity
  • Financial Reporting and Corporate Communication
Alda Tomo  
Juan Trujillo Lora   
Katey Valentine   
Daniel Vorbach  
Zixu Wang  
Jodie Warren  
Stephen Whittaker 
  • Learning in the Natural Environment (LiNE)
Sophie Williams
  • Paleoenvironmental change
  • Late Holocene sea-level reconstruction
  • Sedimentary archives and chronology establishment
  • Sea-level fingerprinting
  • Saltmarsh foraminifera identification
  • Multivariate and transfer function analyses in R
Abigail Wills  
Yuk Faat Wu