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Registered PhD Students

Discover the current activities of research graduates in the Department of Environment & Geography



StudentArea of Research

Enoch Adranyi

  • Land degradation and sustainable land management
  • Livelihoods, natural resource use and international development
  • Agriculture, forest conservation and ecosystem services
  • Environmental policy and governance
Godwin Aigbe
  • Global gas flaring policies governance
  • Environmental Policies
  • Health Safety and Environment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 
Ysmeen Alazmi  
Jehad Albusaidi   
Ohood Alharbi  
Mashael Almalki   
Natalie Andersen   
Luke Andrews 
  • Peatland ecology and palaeoecology
  • Carbon fluxes
  • Age-depth modelling
  • Carbon storage
  • Testate amoeba
  • Climate change
Elaine Azzopardi  
Georgia Beel  
Vanessa Berrie   
Ergun Bey   
Hattie Brunning   
Kamsia Budin  
Michael John Bungard  
Martin Burke  
Alexandra Burkitt  
William Burn
  • Microbial ecology of peatlands and how they relate to carbon sequestration and water quality 
Esther Carmen  
Toby Carter 
  • Chemistry of Indoor Environments
  • Computational and Physical Chemistry
  • Air Chemistry Modelling
Joanne Cook
  • Nutrition security
  • Mechanistic crop modelling
  • Climate change impacts on food
  • Ozone impacts on food
Talia Contreras Tapia  
Maigari Mohammed Dauda  
George Day  
Alizee Desrousseaux  
Kennedy Osuka Edeye  
Nayeli Ariana Escalante-Kantun  
Lee Eyre  
Paulina Flores Martinez
  • Global value chains and sustainability risks 
  • International Political Economy and the environment 
  • Environmental economics
  • Environmental policies 
Christine Gemmell  
Alessa Giorgis  
Jey Gnanam
  • Sustainable Tourism 
Manogna Goparaju  
Ginelle Greene-Dewasmes
  • Green energy transitioning in developing countries
  • Climate change and green energy policy
  • Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
  • Green transition actors
  • Energy research and social sciences
Victoria Gutierrez Dominguez  


StudentArea of Research
Blaine Hancock   
Rachel Headings
  • Political ecology of community food system resilience: exploring the impact of circular economy policies on farmer livelihoods in the UK. 
Amieyeoffori Ikiriko  
Mahmuda Islam   
Alexander Jardine  
William Barrop (né Jessop)
  • Peatlands
  • Gas Flux and Carbon Storage
  • Botany 
Tazeen Khan   
Tamsyn Kiss   
Martin Knight  
Zheng-Hong Kong
  • Environmental Governance
  • Land Use Planning
  • Ecosystem Functions and Services
  • Biodiversity Conservation 
Taylor Lane  
Rosie Lennon  
Jun Li  
Bing Liu  
Robin Loveridge
  • Social assessment
  • Wellbeing
  • Governance  
  • Community forestry
  • Forest certification
Ruochan Ma  
Alice Marshall  
Thomas Martin  
Sani Matawalle
  • Electrification/Energy Access and Disparities
  • Energy Geography
  • Regional Political Tensions 
Rosa Mato Amboage  
James Mcclelland  
Lucy McMahon
  • Blue Carbon,
  • Marine science,
  • Coastal Ecosystem Services
Siti Syuhaida Mohamed Yunus  
Joanne Morris  
Sitong Mu  
Carina Mueller  
Abby Mycroft
  • Peatland science
  • Soil science
  • Water quality 
  • Analytical methods 
  • Soil gaseous fluxes 
Rebecca Newman
  • sustainable livelihoods 
  • scenarios development 
  • African landscapes
  • land cover modelling
  • climate change 
  • ecosystem services 
  • small islands 
Thomas North  
Olajide Olawoyin  
Pritha Pande
  • SEI-Y 
  • Estimating the impacts of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (aerosol and ozone)
    on rice-wheat cropping rotations in India
Sergio Paramo Ortiz
  • Social Enterprises
  • Social Innovation
  • Social Economy
  • Indigenous Social Enterprises
  • Decolonial Approaches of Collective Action
Rana Parween  
Anijar Priandoyo  


Student Area of Research
M M Golam Rabbani 
  • Adaptation
  • Non-migration
  • Migration
  • Risk Perceptions
  • Place Relations 
Karine Rassool   
Ruchirek Ratchaburi  
Lauren Rawlins 
  • Ice sheet hydrology 
  • Ice dynamics
  • Remote sensing 
  • UAVs and photogrammetry 
Graham Rush   
Guido Rutten   
Smriti Safaya
  • Citizen science
  • Experiential and environmental education
  • Geology, physical and human geography
Hamidu Seki   
Thomas Sloan 
  • Peatlands
  • Carbon
  • Tephra
Emilie Stokeld
  • transboundary climate change impacts
  • agricultural trade flows (focus on soy)
Douglas Taylor
  • Social Licence to Operate (SLO)
  • Extractive Industries
  • Renewable Energy
  • Ethics and Governance
  • Employment Equity
  • Financial Reporting and Corporate Communication
Alda Tomo  
Juan Trujillo Lora   
Katey Valentine   
Daniel Vorbach
  • Community governance
  • Institutional Bricolage
  • Vanuatu
  • Transdisciplinary collaboration
Zixu Wang  
Jodie Warren  
Stephen Whittaker 
  • Learning in the Natural Environment (LiNE)
Sophie Williams
  • Paleoenvironmental change
  • Late Holocene sea-level reconstruction
  • Sedimentary archives and chronology establishment
  • Sea-level fingerprinting
  • Saltmarsh foraminifera identification
  • Multivariate and transfer function analyses in R
Abigail Wills  
Yuk Faat Wu