Johan Kuylenstierna
Deputy Director (Policy) of SEI



Dr Johan C.I. Kuylenstierna, PhD (air pollution), BSc (Biology) is Policy Director for SEI. He was the Centre Director of Stockholm Environment Institute centre at York (SEI York) from 1997-2012 and has worked for SEI since it began in 1989, and prior to that at the Beijer Institute since 1986.

His research has been concerned with various atmospheric issues including climate change and in particular aspects of air pollution at scales ranging from regional to global, particularly effects of acidifying deposition, eutrophying nitrogen deposition and gaseous pollutant impacts on crops, forests and human health. His interests are in the in the effective communication of scientific information to policy and decision makers to promote effective andinformed decision-making.

Johan assists the development of the Malé Declaration in South Asia (with UNEP) and the development of APINA, the Air Pollution Information Network for Africa. He is joint convenor of the Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum (GAP Forum) which is a network of regional agreements (including UNEP and the Convetnion on LRTAP) and networks around the world focussing on linking issues of air pollution and climate change. He coordinates the development of Tiempo, a bulletin (where he is an editor) and website on climate change and developing countries produced by SEI and IIED.

He also coordinated SEI's input to the UK CIP Scoping study into the impacts of climate change in Yorkshire. He was coordinating lead author of Chapter 2 on Atmosphere for UNEP's Global Environment Outlook, GEO4, which presented a global overview of air pollution, climate change and ozone depletion and is CLA in GEO5.

He coordinated a UNEP assessment on the linked air pollution and radiative forcing issues related to black carbon and tropospheric ozone (see report PDF). He was also one the key researchers developing a 'Centre for Low Carbon Futures', a collaboration across universities in Yorkshire.

Johan is the author of 21 refereed papers and 26 articles, reports and book contributions.


Johan Kuylenstierna

Johan Kuylenstierna

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