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Dr Darpan Das



Dr. Darpan Das is a lecturer at Department of Environment and Geography at University of York. Darpan holds a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering from  Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India. After his PhD, Darpan worked as a post-doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University, USA, and later as an Exposure Scientist at Institute of Occupational Medicine, UK. Darpan works in the broad area of indoor air quality. His area of expertise includes physical and chemical characterization of aerosols generated in indoor environments. Darpan has worked on the assessment and mitigation of pollution from various indoor sources - cookstoves to e-cigarettes. He has also been part of several projects assessing the impact of ventilation as an intervention on indoor air quality. He has been part of multi-disciplinary teams engaged in numerous exposure assessment and epidemiological studies in the US, India, UK, Nepal and Bangladesh. His work has been published in several reputed journals- Environmental Science and Technology, Building and Environment, Biomass and Bioenergy, Environmental Research and Atmospheric Pollution Research.  He is also on the reviewer board of several reputed journal.

His current research interests lie in the use of a combination of low-cost sensors and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model for spatio-temporal mapping of pollutants in complex micro-environments. He has used mass balance models - well mixed model, near-field far model in the past for ventilation assessment and is interested to use these models along with eddy diffusion and CFD models to predict inhalation exposure for diverse set of pollutant. Darpan is also interested in the utilization of biomass and 'waste' for energy by the use of physio-chemical transformation pathways.


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Dr Darpan Das
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