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Dean Waters



Dean joined the teaching staff in 2014 after four years in freelance environmental consultancy.

Prior to this Dean was a senior lecturer in Zoology at the University of Leeds. His main interests are in bat biology, conservation and bioacoustics, in particular the acoustic monitoring of bats and cetaceans.

Dean also has an interest in biomimetics – using biology as inspiration for engineering, and developed the Ultracane, a device based on bat echolocation which guides the visually impaired.

He is currently working on a number of projects which look at how habitats can be managed to maximise the ecosystem services they deliver.


Teaching Fellow University of York
Environmental Consultant Freelance
Senior Lecturer University of Leeds
PhD (Zoology) University of Bristol
Working in Conservation RSPB and National Trust
BSc (Ecology) University of East Anglia



Dean is currently working on a Natural England funded project looking at how ecosystem services are affected by the management interventions applied over a range of habitats.

The aim is to produce a set of management guidelines that show which services are affected by which intervention.

An important part of this project is assessing the strength of evidence that support these findings and the transferability of studies and principles across sites and habitats.



  • Tools and Techniques for Studying the Environment
  • Ecological Principles for the Environment
  • Applied Ecology and Environmental Management
  • Biodiversity and Society
  • Research Projects

Waters, Dean

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Dr Dean Waters
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