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Simon Croft
Research Fellow



Simon Croft is a mathematician and modeller who joined SEI in 2012, working as part of the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) group at SEI York. He works predominantly on the modelling of supply chains and commodity flows of agri-goods and food, including the development of SEI’s Input-Output Trade Analysis (IOTA) model and associated indicators and work on the Trase platform.

His work on understanding the pathways between production and consumption allows for the linkage of consumption activities and behaviour through to the impacts and risks they drive at the point of origin, including deforestation and land use change, habitat destruction and biodiversity loss and social issues like gender equity and modern slavery.


Simon completed his MMath (Master of Mathematics in Mathematics) degree at the University of York. He then moved to the Biology department and worked within the YCCSA multidisciplinary research group to study for his PhD in theoretical ecology, studying the impact of stochasticity on plant growth and competition.

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Simon Croft

Tel: 07552 285896