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Lisa has been a lecturer in the Environment department at the University of York since 2000, this is a part-time position since Lisa also works at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) where she is the Centre Director of SEI-Y. Lisa has worked at SEI since 1999 when she took up a joint research associate position with SEI and the University of Bradford. From 1997 to 1999 Lisa worked as a post-doc at Imperial College's Centre for Environmental Technology, London, after having completed her PhD in air pollution studies at Imperial in 1996. Her doctoral thesis focussed on developing methods to assess the potential sensitivity of a range of European vegetation types to ground level ozone. Her first degree was a BSc in Environmental Biology at Manchester University obtained in 1992. Lisa is chair of the Air Pollution Crop Effect Network (APCEN). She is also a member of Institute of Biology Agriculture, Environment and Land Use Committee.


2017- Professor SEI-Y/Environment Department, University of York
2014-2017 Reader SEI-Y/Environment Department, University of York.
2000-2014 Senior Lecturer Environment Department, University of York
1999- Senior research fellow SEI-Y, University of York
1997-1999 Post doc Imperial College, London
1996 PhD in Air Pollution Studies Imperial College, London
1992 BSc in Environmental Biology Manchester University



Lisa enjoys an active research role in Europe, developing methodologies for use within the UNECE LRTAP Convention. This research focus continues from her PhD studies and investigates the biological, economic and social impacts of ground-level ozone on agriculture and forests. This research has lead to the revision of methods to estimate both the deposition and impacts of tropospheric ozone using flux based Critical Levels as a policy tool across Europe. Currently she is chair of UNECE CLRTAP sub-group of forest scientists from across Europe charged with the task of developing models to assess the risks caused by ground level ozone to dominant European forest species.

Since joining SEI-Y in 1999 Lisa has also been involved in research activities in Asia, Africa and Latin America investigating the effects of a range of air pollutants (SO2, NOx, O3, SPM and fluorides) on both agro- and forest ecosystems with a view to investigating the subsequent impacts on social and economic systems. She leads the Air Pollution Crop Effect Network (APCEN) which facilitates information exchange both within the Asian region as well as with the rest of the world. This network focuses on capacity building through transferring knowledge and methodologies developed in North America and Europe to developing country regions with the aim of providing information relevant for policy formulation. She has organised a number of international meetings, the most recent of which was an APCEN meeting taking place in Stellenbosch, South Africa in Dec 2006.

Lisa has authored over 25 referred journal papers, and many book contributions, articles and reports. She is also co-editor of a book and journal special issue. She has sat on review and advisory panels for international projects, organised and hosted international workshops, has chaired and rapportuered at a many international meetings having been invited to give key note presentations and seminars at a number of international conferences.


2007- UNEP £6K Atmospheric Brown Cloud: Agricultural impacts
2006-2009 Sida £30K GAP Forum air pollution impacts on agricultural production
2006-2009 Defra £27K The UNECE International Cooperative Programme on Vegetation
2006-2009 Defra £193K Modelling and mapping ozone deposition and stomatal flux with Mike Ashmore
2005-2006 SEI NOVA £10K Food security, climate change and ozone
2004-2007 Sida £130K RAPIDC air pollution impacts to crops in southern Africa and South Asia
2004-2005 START/PACOM £20K Agricultural production, drought and air quality in Southern Africa
2004-2007 NERC £160K Tropospheric ozone pollution: using stable isotopes to quantify ozone deposition, uptake and detoxification with Phil Ineson
2003-2006 Defra £60K The UNECE International Cooperative Programme on Vegetation
2003-2006 Defra £241K Modelling and mapping ozone deposition and stomatal flux with Mike Ashmore
2002-2004 EU £50K Forest Focus Programme: Ozone and Mediterranean forests
2001-2004 Sida £130K RAPIDC air pollution impacts to crops and forests in developing countries
2000-2003 Defra £158K Modelling ozone flux and deposition with Mike Ashmore


Research Staff

  • 2000-, Mr. Patrick Büker
  • 2005-, Dr. Tim Morrissey

Research Student Supervision

  • 2007-, Chubamenla Jamir (Indian Govt. funding) Assessing the threat posed to Indian agriculture from ground level ozone and climate change
  • 2007-, Nauman Ahmad (Pakistani Govt. funding) (Co-supervised with Mike Ashmore) Pollution impacts to agriculture in Pakistan
  • 2006, Barabara Badu, supervised MSc dissertation in EEEM
  • 2006, Vanessa Walsh, supervised MSc dissertation in EEEM
  • 2005, Nikolas Stone, co-supervising MSc dissertation in EEEM
  • 2004, Aris Christodoulou, supervised MSc dissertation, awarded MSc in Env. Ec.
  • 2003, Francisco Areal, co-supervised MSc dissertation, awarded MSc in EEEM
  • 2003, Ning Wang, supervised MSc dissertation, awarded MSc in Env. Ec.

External activities


  • Chair of the Air Pollution Crop Effect Network (APCEN)
  • Member of the Institute of Biology Agriculture, Environment and Land Use Committee

Editorial duties

  • Co-editor, Special Issue of Atmospheric Environment on 'New Issues in Risk Assessment for Ozone'.



  • Agriculture & Environment (Year 3)
  • Current Topics (year 1)
Emberson, Lisa

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