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Julia Touza
Senior Lecturer



Julia is an Environmental Economist whose research explores environmental problems driven by economic factors, and evaluates the strategic behaviour of natural resource users/managers in a temporal-spatial context. She has worked on the dynamic optimisation of natural resource management, relationship between trade and global environmental change driven by invasive species, strategic interactions in environmental cooperation at local and international scale, economic analysis of forest disturbances (wildfires), stakeholder participation in decision-making, and cost-efficiency of conservation policies. She works in interdisciplinary teams, using a variety of methodological approaches, including Hamiltonian-based optimisation techniques, econometrics analysis and agent based computational economics. She has held a Marie Curie Research Fellowship at the Helmholtz Centre of Environmental Research-UFZ (Germany), and visiting research posts at ecoSERVICES Group, Arizona State University (USA).


Lecturer Applied Economics Department, University of Vigo, Spain 
Marie Curie Research Fellow Helmholtz Centre of Environmental Research-UFZ, Germany
Research Fellow University of York
PhD University of York
MSc University of York
BSc University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain 



2013-2015: Endogenous models of risk control in the management of natural resources. Funded body: Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation ECO2012-39098-C06-05. Principal Investigator: Julia Touza.

2012-2016: Maximizing yield of fisheries while balancing ecosystem, economic and social concerns (MYFISH). Funded body: European Commission, FP7. Principal Investigator: Anna Rindorf (National Institute of Aquatic Resources-DTU Aqua). Principal investigator at Unv. Vigo: Jose M. Da Rocha.

2009-2012: Temporal and spatial analysis of intentional forest fires in Galicia. Funded body: Xunta de Galicia. Principal investigator: M. Luisa Chas Amil (University of Santiago de Compostela).

2008-2010: Management of invasive plants: a socio-economic analysis. Funded body: Xunta de Galicia. Principal investigator: Julia Touza.

2005-2007: Ecological-economic modelling for the design of biodiversity conservation policies.EU funded project. Principal investigator: Martin Drechsler and Frank Wätzold (Helmholtz Center of Environmental Research – UFZ).

2003-2005: Invasive species risk and the trade in plants: an ecological-economics analysis.Funded body: Leverhulme Trust. Principal investigator: Charles Perrings and Mark Williamson (University of York).

2003-2004: Trade and the environment: Integrating economic and environmental drivers for the sustainable export of cut flowers to the UK from East Africa. Funded body: DEFRA. Principal Investigator: N. Spence (Central Science Laboratory) and C. Perrings (University of York).

2001-2003: Biodiversity and Economics for Conservation (BIOECON). Funded body: European Commission, 5th Framework. Main coordinator: Timothy Swanson (University College London). Principal investigator at Unv. York: Charles Perrings (University of York).

Julia Touza

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Dr Julia Touza
Department of Environment and Geography
University of York
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Tel: 01904 324246
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  • Introductory Economics


  • Environmental Economics
  • Resource Economics and Management