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Alistair Boxall is Professor in Environmental Science.  Alistair’s research focuses on understanding emerging and future ecological and health risks posed by chemical contaminants in the natural environment. Alistair is a member of the Defra Advisory Hazardous Substances Advisory Committee and is Chair of the Pharmaceutical Advisory Group of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. He regularly advises national and international organisations on issues relating to chemical impacts on the environment and has published extensively on the topic of emerging contaminants (pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials and veterinary medicines) in the environment. Alistair is co-ordinator of the 3.5 M Euro project 'CAPACITIE' which is exploring methods for monitoring pollution in cities.


Senior Lecturer Department of Environment and Geography, University of York
PhD University of Sheffield
BSc Leicester Polytechnic



Alistair Boxall's research has been funded by a variety of organisations that include the UK government (DEFRA, HSE, The Environment Agency, English Nature, BBSRC, the Highways Agency), the EC, American Water Works Association Research Foundation and industry. His research work focuses on understanding the fate, transport and environmental and human health effects of emerging environmental contaminants (including human and veterinary medicines, degradates and nanomaterials).

Research group(s)


2008-2010 Cefic 175K EURO Establishing relationships of biotransformation across organisms. In collaboration with Mr Chris Sinclair (CSL)
2008-2010 Defra £136K Targeted monitoring for human pharmaceuticals in sources and final waters. In collaboration with Dr Phillipe Bersuder (Cefas), Mr Richard Williams (CEH) and Professor Richard Greenwood (University of Portsmouth)
2008-2009 EFSA 48K EURO Pre-assessment of environmental input of zinc and copper uded in animal nutrition. In collaboration with Professor Ed Tipping (CEH)
2008-2010 Defra £45K Veterinary medicines in drinking waters. In collaboration with Professor Len Levy (Cranfield University)
2007-2008 Defra £97K Management of the risks of cypermethrin in sheep dips, in collaboration with Dr C Ramwell (CSL)
2007-2008 NERC £50K Impacts of climate change on the risks of chemical and biological environmental contaminants on human health, in collaboration with Professor Tony Hardy (CSL)
2006-2007 Defra £46K Environmental exposure assessment of nanomaterials
2007 FSA £11K Horizon scanning for emerging contaminants in food
2007-2008 European Commission 96K Euro Knowledge assessment of pharmaceuticals in the environment. In collaboration with Prof James Clark (Chemistry Dept)
2006-2009 Defra £54K Trophic transfer of pharmaceuticals in the environment. In collaboration with Prof Dave Raffaelli and Dr Ainsley Jones (CSL)
2006-2007 CEFIC 98K Euro Identifying trans-generic degradation potential of chemicals in aquatic organisms. In collaboration with Chris Sinclair (CSL)
2006-2007 Defra £141K Impacts of climate change on the environmental risks of contaminants and pathogens from agriculture. In collaboration with Dr Pete Falloon (Met Office), Dr Amie Adkin (VLA) and Dr Tony Millais (CEFAS)
2005-2006 Environment Agency £18K Higher tier assessment of contaminated land
2005-2006 Defra/Environment Agency £70K Environmental risk of cypermethin from sheep dips. In collaboration with Dr Carmel Ramwell (CSL) and Chris Sinclair (CSL)
2005-2008 Unilever   Environmental fate of nanomaterials. In collaboration with Dr Steve Tear (Physics Department)
2005-2006 UBA, Germany   Risk of veterinary medicines. In collaboration with Dr Thomas Knacker (ECT, Germany)
2004-2007 European Commission £178K Environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals
2004-2007 Defra £170K Fate of veterinary medicines in the farmyard
2003-2006 Defra   Indirect consumer exposure to veterinary medicines
2003-2004 Environment Agency   Monitoring of veterinary medicines in the UK Environment
2003–2004 Defra £45K Assessing the fate of pesticide transformation products
2002-2006 Defra £128K Effects of pesticide pulsed exposure on aquatic organisms


2006- Melanie Netherton (Defra, ongoing) Trophic transfer of human pharmaceuticals
2005- Karen Tiede (Unilever, ongoing) Detection and fate of nanomaterials in the environment
2004- Louise Pope (EU, ongoing) Fate and effects of veterinary medicines in pasture systems
2004- Sara Monteiro (EU, ongoing) Fate of human medicines in soils
2004- Iain Davies (AZ, ongoing) Interactions of pharmaceuticals with environmental microbes
2002- Chris Sinclair (Part time, ongoing) Fate and effects of pesticide transformation products
2002-2005 Helen Noble (AstraZeneca, passed 2007) Fate of antifungal pharmaceuticals in the environment
2000-2003 Paul Blackwell (EU, passed 2004) Fate of veterinary medicines in homogenous soils
2000-2003 Paul Kay (EU, passed 2004) Fate of veterinary medicines in macroporous soils
1999-2004 Paul Fogg (DETR, passed 2004) Fate of pesticides in biobeds
1999-2001 Antony Shepherd (EPSRC, passed 2001) Impacts of herbicides applied to hard surfaces
1997-1999 Anne Conrad (DETR, passed 2000) Uptake of sediment-associated contaminants
1996–1999 Jane Patrick (EPSRC funded, passed 2000) Predicting chemical oxidation of organic contaminants in treatment processed

Boxall, Alistair

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