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Jon is a social scientist with research interests in processes that can lead to increasingly equitable human development. Frequently this translates into work alongside marginalised communities focussing on disaster risk reduction and environmental change, the governance and politics of technology and infrastructure, and how processes of contestation and learning can account for power and social justice in ‘resilient’ development. Jonathan has a background in human rights development practice that informs his work and his research interests remain applied and, as such, frequently interdisciplinary.

Jon is Director of the Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre (IGDC) at the University of York and Co-Editor for the journal Climate and Development.


Selected publications


Ensor, J. E.  Resilience Realities: Resilience and Development Practice in VanuatuOxfam, Australia , 2016.

V Castán Broto, J Ensor, E Boyd, D Macucule (2014) ‘Participatory urban planning for climate compatible development in Maputo, Mozambique’, UCL Press

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Book chapters

V Castán Broto, E Boyd and J Ensor & S. Juhola. 'Partnerships for climate change in Maputo, Mozambique' in Retrofitting Cities: Priorities, Governance and Experimentation. Hodson, M. & Marvin, S. (eds.). London: Earthscan from Routledge, p. 232 250 2014

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V Castán Broto, E Boyd and J Ensor ‘Governance of sustainable infrastructure in the context of climate change in cities in the Global South? The case of Maputo, Mozambique’ in: M Hodson and S Marvin (eds) Retrofitting Cities Taylor and Francis  2014.

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Hope, M., Filippi, M. E., Ensor, J., Pelling, M. & Comelli, T. (2023). Future visioning for pro-poor disaster risk reduction in tomorrow's cities: activities toolbox. Tomorrow's Cities Publications.

Journal papers

Hoddy, E., Halliday, S., Ensor, J., Wamsler, C. & Boyd, E. (2023). Legal culture and climate change adaptation: an agenda for research. WIREs Climate Change.

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