Communication Technologies Research Group

Main application areas


Professor David Grace
Head of Communication Technologies Research Group

Communication is no longer just between humans face-to-face or at a distance, but is increasingly between devices and systems, delivering new interactive applications and services.

Our research addresses the complementary areas of communication systems, wireless transmission, acoustic and audio signal processing and applied electromagnetics and devices. We apply our research to a number of high impact areas including 5G ultra-high capacity density systems, high altitude platforms, underwater networks, virtual acoustic environments and electromagnetic compatibility.

Our world-class facilities include:

  • a radio communications lab, with software radio devices and anechoic chamber
  • an electromagnetics lab with reverberation chamber
  • a full six-sided acoustically anechoic chamber
  • an interactive multi-channel loudspeaker listening room
  • a standards-compliant listening space
  • three professional recording studios

Research capabilities

Communication systems and protocols

We investigate a range of communications networks, particularly those used in challenging environments.

  • Heterogeneous system architectures
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Dynamic spectrum access
  • AI enabled wireless

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Applied electromagnetics and devices

This research focuses on hardware and associated physics, especially as relates to applied electromagnetics and microwave and optical devices.

  • Antenna design, numerical modelling and optimisation
  • Electromagnetic compatibility and shielding
  • Bio-electromagnetics for medical and healthcare applications
  • Microwave and optical circuits and devices

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Signals and waveforms

We're developing new waveforms, transmission techniques and processing algorithms to meet the requirements of new generations of communication networks.

  • Physical layer security
  • Signals for networks
  • Signal processing for communications
  • Waveforms and coding for wireless

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Audio and acoustics

Our research in this area deals with signal processing applied to both audio applications and acoustic systems.

  • Interactive audio systems
  • Voice synthesis and analysis
  • Spatial audio and virtual acoustics
  • Computational bioacoustics
  • Environmental soundscapes

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We have a wide range of industrial support and funding from both UK and abroad. We have active collaborations with Huawei, BT, Vodafone, BBC, NEC Europe and other specialist companies. Members of the group work within the spin-off company York EMC Services Ltd. The group is also responsible for the York - Zhejiang Lab on Cognitive Radio and Green Communications, a joint venture with Zhejiang University, China.