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PCB Transmission Using Absorber Box

Testing the transmission through printed circuit cards using an absorbing test cell

Measuring the ACS of a discoidal test sample in reverberation chamber

Measuring the absorption cross-section of a discoidal sample in the reverberation chamber


SAFETALK Arch measurements on Open Area Test Site (OATS)


Meshing an aircraft model for our FDTD solver

Luneburg lense antenna in microwave anechoic chamber

Steerable lens antenna in our microwave anechoic chamber


M‌easuring water content of biological tissues using a resonant cavity

Dielectric resonator oscillator

Adjusting a Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO)

Applied electromagnetics and devices


Dr John Dawson


This research focuses on hardware and associated physics, especially as relates to applied electromagnetics and microwave and optical devices. This includes measurement and simulation techniques for electromagnetic compatibility, and the investigation and development of shielding and other immunity and emissions control techniques.

We also investigate the effects and applications of electromagnetics on the human body, in particular for medical applications.

Linking with the group’s wireless communications research we also work on antenna modelling and design microwave circuits, filters and oscillators, along with high speed optical devices.

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