Accessibility statement

Energy absorbed into IC package compared to energy absorbed into PCB track

IC Package coupling

Coupling of an external field into an IC package

SE of PC enclosure loaded and unloaded

Effect of contents on enclosure shielding

Ingress of electromagnetic field to building

Shielding due to a building

Measurement of Cable coupling in reverberation chamber

Measurement of electromagnetic coupling into wiring

Electromagnetic compatibility and shielding

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is concerned with the interactions of different electromagnetic devices with one another. All electronics emit EM radiation, but it is important to understand how the radiation from one system may affect another. It is a wide ranging topic encompassing topics from PCB design to automated detection of electronic devices.

Relating to Electromagnetic Compatibility is the issue of shielding. If we know that a system may be subject to unwanted fields, we must find effective ways to shield it from from them. Also shielding is used to prevent unwanted electromagnetic emissions which may interfere with radio communications or other sensitive equipment. We work on a range of issues in the measurement, analysis and design of shields and shielding materials.

As well as the application of shielding, the design of circuits can affect their level of emissions of electromagnetic radiation and their immunity to it. We have a range of projects to analyse the emissions and immunity of circuits and also to develop measurement techniques for immunity and emissions.