‌Support staff

Diane Atkinson

Student Services Manager

Mrs. Diane Atkinson
Office: A/D/019
Tel: 01904 32 3753
Email: diane.atkinson@york.ac.uk

Sarah Maynard

Department Manager

Mrs. Sarah Maynard
Office: A/D/107
Tel: 01904 32 3752
Email: sarah.maynard@york.ac.uk

Annette Johnson

EA to Head of Department

Mrs. Annette Johnson
Office: A/D/206
Tel: 01904 32 3776
Email: annette.johnson@york.ac.uk

Alex Hardstaff

Assistant Postgraduate Administrator

Mrs. Alex Hardstaff
Office: Reception in Economics Link Building
Tel: 01904 32 3788
Email: alex-jane.hardstaff@york.ac.uk

Carie Taylor

Health Economics Resource Centre Administrator

Miss. Carie Taylor
Office: A/D/003
Tel: 01904 32 3750
Email: carie.taylor@york.ac.uk

Jane Rawlings

Health Economics Resource Centre Assistant

Miss. Jane Rawlings
Office: A/D/003
Tel: 01904 32 3790
Email: jane.rawlings@york.ac.uk

Kate Johnson

Undergraduate Administrator

Miss Kate Johnson
Office: A/D/002
Tel: 01904 32 3778
Email: Please contact kate.johnson@york.ac.uk

Kim Sneddon

Stage 1 Undergraduate Administrator

Mrs. Kim Snedden
Office: A/D/002
Tel: 01904 32 3784
Email: kim.snedden@york.ac.uk

Katie Walton

Postgraduate Administrator

Mrs. Katie Walton
Office: A/D/002
Tel: 01904 32 3789
Email: katie.walton@york.ac.uk

Jamie Stephenson

Postgraduate Assistant

Mr. Jamie Stephenson
Office: A/D/002
Tel: 01904 32 3755
Email: jamie.stephenson@york.ac.uk

Assessments Administrator

Mr Richard Firth
Office: A/D/103
Tel: 01904 32 3791
Email: econ-assessments@york.ac.uk 
Email: richard.firth@york.ac.uk


Assessments & Attendance Monitoring Assistant

Mr Michael Robinson
Office: A/D/103
Tel: 01904 32 3791
Email: econ-assessments@york.ac.uk 
Email: michael.robinson@york.ac.uk

Vin McDermott

Finance Officer

Mr Vin Mc Dermott
Office: A/D/101
Tel: 01904 32 4385
Email: vin.mcdermott@york.ac.uk

 Michael Shallcross

PGR and Teaching Workload Administrator

Dr. Michael Shallcross
Office: A/EC/023
Tel: 01904 32 3681
Email: michael.shallcross@york.ac.uk

Vicky Outlon

Research Development Officer

Mrs. Vicky Oulton
Office: A/D/101
Tel: 01904 32 4592
Email: vicky.oulton@york.ac.uk

Michelle Hickman

Editorial Administrator:
Journal of Health Economics &
Bulletin of Economic Research 

Mrs. Michelle Hickman
Office: A/D/101
Tel: 01904 32 4590
Email: michelle.hickman@york.ac.uk


Technical Services Manager

Mr. Paul Hodgson
Office: A/EC/126
Tel: 01904 32 3760
Email: paul.hodgson@york.ac.uk

Kelly McDonald

Careers Adviser

Kelly Mcdonald
Tel: 01904 323127

email: kelly.mcdonald@york.ac.uk