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Dr James Lomas



When I tell people that I am a health economist, it often evokes a strong reaction. Some people find the idea that economics and health can go together is strange, while others baulk at the challenges that the economics of health presents. It's true that normative value judgements are crucial in health, but it's also true that there is a role for economics, that economics concepts such as opportunity cost are vitally important, and that there are a number of empirical questions that need to be answered in order to inform evidence-based decision-making and policy-setting.



Prior to joining DERS, I was a research fellow at the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York. My research is focused on applied microeconometric analysis that answers the empirical questions posed in the context of economic evaluation and cost-effectiveness analysis. My research interests include estimating the marginal productivity of health care systems, the pricing of branded pharmaceuticals and economic evaluation methods to inform different levels of decision-maker (from local decision-making in England to decisions concerning global health by international organisations).
I held a Royal Economic Society Junior Fellowship in 2013 and my research on healthcare cost regressions was awarded the Willard G. Manning Memorial Award for the Best Research in Health Econometrics by the American Society of Health Economists.



  • Evaluation of Health Care
  • Clinical Decision Analysis
  • Outcome measurement and valuation (distance learning module 8)


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