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Dr Ruhollah Eskandari



Ruhollah Eskandari (preferred name Omid) is a Lecturer (Teaching and Research). Omid is an Applied Macroeconomist.

Research interests: Macroeconomics, Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Macro-Finance, Corporate Finance, Time-Series Econometrics



My research lies at the intersection of macroeconomics and finance, with a special focus on issues related to fiscal and monetary policy, as well as corporate finance. In particular, I focus on examining how tax policy affects both macroeconomic aggregates and firms' real and financial decisions. I am also interested in analyzing the important role of financial frictions in the impact of macroeconomic shocks (tax, monetary policy, and uncertainty) on firms' performance, particularly SMEs' productivity in England.


  1. State-Dependent Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Changes
  2. Fiscal Consolidation and Firm Dynamics: Theory and Evidence


Selected publications

  1. Heterogeneous Responses to Corporate Marginal Tax Rates: Evidence from Small and Large Firms (with Morteza Zamanian) [Journal of Applied Econometrics, July 2023] link here
  2. Cost of carry, financial constraints, and dynamics of corporate cash holdings (with Morteza Zamanian) [Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 74, June 2022, 102216] link here



  1. Macroeconomics Topics in Theory for Policy
  2. Contemporary Economic Issues and Analysis

Ruhollah (Omid) Eskandari
Department of Economics
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