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Dr Adam Golinski
Senior Lecturer



  • MSc(Queen Mary University of London, Warsaw School of Economics)
  • PhD(Imperial College London)

Departmental roles

  • MSc PAFI Programme Director
  • Departmental Seminars Organizer
  • PG Admissions
  • MSc PAFI Programme Director 



Dr Golinski's research interests span the areas of asset pricing, interest rate term structure models, financial econometrics and monetary economics. In 2014 he received a British Academy Skills Acquisition Award. He was a visiting scholar at the Bank of Finland, Bank of Canada, Bank of Poland and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. His research has been published in the Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Econometrics, Journal of Financial Econometrics among others.


Selected publications

Full details of publications can be found at RePEc

Published Papers:

Golinski A. and Spencer P., 2021, “Modeling the Covid-19 epidemic using time series econometrics”, Health Economics.
Golinski A., 2021, “Monetary policy at the zero lower bound: Information in the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet”, European Economic Review, vol. 131.
Golinski A. and Spencer P., 2021, “Estimating the term structure with linear regressions: Getting to the root of the problem”, Journal of Financial Econometrics, vol. 19, issue 5, 960-984.
Golinski A. and Spencer P., 2017, “The advantages of using excess returns to model the term structure”, Journal of Financial Economics, vol. 125, Issue 1, 163-181.
Golinski A. and Zaffaroni P., 2016, “Long memory affine term structure models”, Journal of Econometrics, vol. 191, Issue 1, 33-56.

Working papers:

“Persistence of the price-dividend ratio in a present–value model of stock prices,” with Joao Madeira and Dooruj Rambaccussing – R&R, International Journal of Forecasting.
“Unconventional monetary policies and the yield curve: Estimating non-affine term structure models with unspanned macro risk by factor extraction,” with Peter Spencer – R&R, Review of Asset Pricing Studies.




  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Theory of Finance
  • Asset Pricing


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Adam Golinski
Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics
Room: A/EC/106

Tel: 01904 323767

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