YBRI Governance and Reporting

Day to day decision making is led by the YBRI management team, who meet once a month.

The YBRI management team consists of:

The two cross-theme advisors and the clinical interface lead attend management meetings three times a year. The Director of the YBRI Doctoral Training Programme attends on an ad-hoc basis.

YBRI activities are overseen and governed by the YBRI Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee meets two-three times per year and comprises key academics and professional services staff from within the University of York who provide YBRI with strategic oversight and advice.  Primarily, but not limited to, research development and YBRI’s position and operations within the University of York.

Committee seats:  2023/2024

Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Science

Professor Jane Hill

Director, York Biomedical Research Institute

Professor Jeremy Mottram

YBRI Theme Leads

Professor Alex Wade, Psychology

Professor Gavin Wright, Biology

Professor Jennifer Southgate, Biology

The Dean of HYMS

Professor Una MacLeod

The Head of Biology

Professor James Moir

The Head of Chemistry

Professor Caroline Dessent

The Head of Health Sciences

Professor Kate Flemming 

The Head of Psychology

Professor Lisa-Marie Henderson

The Head of the School of Physics, Engineering and Technology

Professor Kieran Gibson

The Head of the Research and Innovation Development Team

Dr Dave Diston

Junior YBRI Members

Dr Scott Cairney, Psychology

Dr Samadhan Patil, School or Physics, Engineering and Technology


Ms Rebecca Chalkley, YBRI Research Facilitator

The External Advisory Board comprises professionals with expertise in biomedical science to provide YBRI with strategic advice and strengthening links between YBRI researchers and external organisations. The Board meets once a year.

Departmental Research Committees

YBRI provides a quarterly report to the Departments with YBRI members for discussion at their meetings.

Facilitation team

The facilitation team are here to facilitate the smooth running of the Institute and develop biomedicine at York.

Rebecca Chalkley, YBRI Research Facilitator 

Rebecca’s background is in translational research focused on cancer; specifically head and neck, lung, breast, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and developing molecular tools.

She provides strategic planning and oversight of York Biomedical Research Institute activities.

Rebecca is highly involved in network development and collaborating with clinical partners and civic engagement.

She is responsible for all aspects of large, complex proposal development, from generating initial interest and ideas around funding calls, bringing together research collaborators, pulling together multi-partner budgets, providing content for bids, proofreading and managing proposal drafting and submission processes (internal and external).

Libby Hagston, YBRI Coordinator

Libby is a psychology graduate and has a keen interest in cognitive neuroscience.

She provides planning and support for projects within YBRI; mainly the delivery of YBRI's programme of meetings, seminars and events. Libby also implements YBRI's communications strategy and runs our social media campaigns.

Fiona Frame, Research Development Manager, Bioscience

Fiona's background is in prostate cancer with an interest in therapy resistance, using primary prostate epithelial cells from patient samples as a clinically relevant model.

As Research Development Manager in Biosciences she works with YBRI researchers to increase their relationships and collaborations with industry.