MSc module dedicated to safety assurance to start in April

News | Posted on Saturday 4 February 2023

The AAIP MSc module is the only one dedicated to the safety assurance of autonomy and machine learning

Testimonial from former MSc module student

The module, Advanced Topics in Safety, can be taken as a standalone CPD short course or as part of the MSc in Safety-Critical Systems Engineering.

The course starts with self-study and then covers the following topics during the in-person sessions in York:

  1. Session 1: Introduction to safety and security assurance challenges posed by RAS
  2. Session 2: RAS software and verification of machine learning (ML)
  3. Session 3: Safety assurance of RAS in complex environments
  4. Session 4: Assurance of ML in autonomous systems
  5. Session 5: Human factors for RAS
  6. Session 6: Risk acceptance and conclusions

The course next runs in April 2023.

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