Experimental Archaeology

Module code: ARC00074M-A

Module leader: Aimee Little


During this module students will get hands on practical experience through the implementation of an archaeological experiment based on an outstanding question relating to an artefact from the YAT collections. Practical work will be undertaken outdoors, fireside, at the YEAR Centre. Teamwork involving the production of a short documentary film based on your experimental research, and requiring close consideration of target audience, will be exhibited at the end of the course. These films may also be used by YAT for exhibitions and education events, thus providing a great learning opportunity for those wishing to pursue a career in the Heritage Sector.


This module will equip students with the practical skills required to design, conduct and critique experiments related to material culture.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module the students will be able to:

  • Apply an understanding of why experimentation is a key aspect of artefact studies
  • Use skills in experimental project design and implementation, with clearly stated aims, methods and consideration of variables
  • Demonstrate developed skills that will enable them to make a distinction between good and poor quality reporting
  • Make and use experimentally produced reference collections
  • Present an experimental research project to the wider public/research community as a short documentary-style film
  • Apply skills in oral presentation, discussion and debate
  • Use transferable team working skills in small group work and oral presentations
  • Utilise their project and time management skills
  • Demonstrate skills in producing powerpoint presentations and digital methods of documentation through the production of a short film
  • Be equipped with curation, public outreach/impact skills