Security Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, coordinated through the Security Centre on Campus West.

We are the first response for everyone on campus. All our officers are first aid trained and part of the Mental Health First Contact network. We provide security advice, facilities management and aid the emergency services on campus, and manage lost property.

24/7 assistance

Get help on campus with a simple tap on your phone by installing the SafeZone app.

Find out more about SafeZone

  • Out of hours - if you’re working or studying out of hours and would like assistance when walking alone across campus, Security can monitor you via the SafeZone app. Call +44 (0)1904 32 4444 or contact Security through SafeZone.
  • Support overseas - use SafeZone wherever you are in the world - once you activate the Emergency Call, we will attempt to call you back to assess the situation and will arrange departmental assistance and support as necessary. Find out more about international emergencies.

Lost property

Any property found on campus will be processed as explained below. If you wish to ask about a lost item, please contact the Information Centre, Ron Cooke Hub reception or any college reception desk.

  • Passports - due to the sensitive nature of the document, we do not keep them. We will try to contact the owner when it is handed in but if we're not able to do so by the end of the working day, it will be returned by first class post to the Passport Office as per the instructions on their website.
  • Credit/debit/store cards - we will try to contact the owner when it is handed in but if we're not able to do so by the end of the working day the card(s) will be securely destroyed
  • Valuable items - we will record these on the University Lost Property Management System and hold them securely for 12 weeks from receipt. Should the item have any information identifying the owner we will try to contact them. Any items not collected after 12 weeks will be donated to charity. In the case of electrical items that may contain data, these will be securely destroyed and disposed of.
  • Clothing/accessories/stationery/notes - we will record these on the University Lost Property Management System and hold them in the Reception area where they were handed in for a period of four weeks. After this time, items will either be appropriately destroyed or donated to charity. 
  • Other items - items that are considered to pose a hazard to health and hygiene will not be recorded and will be disposed of within 24 hours of receipt at a Reception desk. This includes anything that can perish or is considered unhygienic to keep, for example, food, chemicals or items relating to personal care.

Our team

Geoff Brown Head of Security +44 (0)1904 32 2050 
Paul Massheder Security Operations Manager  +44 (0)1904 32 2185 
Lorna Wallington Security Operations Assistant  +44 (0)1904 32 2613 


Security Supervisors  +44 (0)1904 32 4444 

Internal Data Request Form (IDPA)

Complete the Internal Data Request Form (IDPA) (staff only). We aim to respond to your request within 5 working days.Internal Data Request Form (IDPA)