YESI Director provides career advice to researchers at York (video)

News | Posted on Thursday 1 August 2019

Speaking at the University of York Research Staff Conference, Professor Sue Hartley discusses her journey to becoming YESI Director and provides career top tips to early career researchers.

Every year the University of York holds a Research Staff Conference to celebrate the great research taking place at York and to give research staff, postdocs and final year PhD students a chance to consider their career options.

At this year’s conference, Professor Sue Hartley discussed her journey from starting out as an Oxford undergraduate to becoming YESI Director, Research Theme Champion for Environmental Sustainability and Resilience at the University of York, and most recently, recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

She outlines the University of York Research Strategy, the focus for the Environmental Sustainability and Resilience Theme and the valuable role that YESI and the Research Theme Champions play in achieving these goals.

When interrupted by a squirrel, Sue demonstrated her true professionalism and that you should just keep going despite the setbacks!

Watch the video for Sue’s top tips!