YESI holds workshop in Sri Lanka

News | Posted on Monday 4 December 2017

In the last week of November, YESI hosted a seminar and workshop on antimicrobial resistance in the environment in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

These activities form part of a pilot project led by YESI and the International Water Management Institute which is funded through the UK Research Councils/Department of Health 'Antimicrobial Resistance in a Global Context' Programme.

During the week, more than 50 researchers and policy makers from Sri Lanka, the UK and the Netherlands discussed the emissions of antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance genes to the Sri Lankan environment and the potential pathways back to humans and animals.

The conclusions of the workshop will be used to inform the development of a large research project.

Alistair Boxall, YESI's Urban Living Theme Lead said 'The event was a great success, we made many new friends and laid the foundations for developing a really exciting research programme on antimicrobial resistance in Sri Lanka's natural environment'.