Horizon 2020 Energy Societal Challenge 'Webinars'

News | Posted on Wednesday 30 October 2013

The UK National Contact Point for the Energy Societal Challenge in Horizon 2020 is organising a series of webinars on the topics covered by the draft Energy Work Programme for 2014. The webinars will provide an overview of the proposed Energy Challenge and the Work Programme, the likely priorities for funding and there will be opportunities to ask questions

The dates and times (UK time) for the webinars are...

Energy Efficiency (Buildings and Consumers, Heating and Cooling): Tuesday 5 November at 12:30

Energy Efficiency (Heating and Cooling, Industry and Products): Friday 8 November at 12:30  www.eventsforce.net/h2020-3

Energy Efficiency (Finance for Sustainable Energy): Tuesday 12 November at 12:30   www.eventsforce.net/h2020-4

Low Carbon Energy (Renewables): Thursday 14 November at 12:30   www.eventsforce.net/h2020-5

Low Carbon Energy (Grids, Storage, Biofuels, Carbon Capture and Storage): Wednesday 20 November at 12:30    www.eventsforce.net/h2020-6

Smart Cities and Communities: Friday 22 November at 12:30    www.eventsforce.net/h2020-7


The content of each webinar can be found on the registration page. The following topics are covered by the 'Energy Societal Challenge' section of Horizon 2020

Energy Efficiency

  • Buildings and consumers (11 topics)
  • Heating and cooling (2 topics)
  • Industry and products (4 topics)
  • Finance for sustainable energy (4 topics)

Competitive Low-Carbon Energy

  • New knowledge and technologies (1 topic)
  • Renewable energy and heating/cooling (3 topics)
  • Modernising the single European electricity grid (3 topics)
  • Providing the energy system with flexibility through enhanced energy storage technologies (3 topics)
  • Sustainable biofuels and alternative fuels for the European transport fuel mix (4 topics)
  • Enabling the sustainable use of fossil fuels in the transition to a low-carbon economy (3 topics)
  • Supporting the development of a European research area in the field of energy (2 topics)
  • Social, environmental and economic aspects of the energy system (3 topics)
  • Cross-cutting issues (2 topics)

Smart Cities and Communities

  • Solutions integrating energy, ICT, transport sectors through large-scale demonstration projects (1 topic)
  • Enhancing the roll-out of Smart Cities and Communities solutions by stimulating market demand (2 topics)