YESI Launch Event: Global Change and Biosphere Interactions Conference stimulates discussion across disciplines

News | Posted on Wednesday 17 April 2013

View talks and keynote lectures online. One hundred and twenty delegates gathered at the University of York to hear an exciting programme of speakers, all leaders in their field, discuss the pressing environmental challenges we face, and the innovative inter-disciplinary ways in which the research community is responding.

This recent International Conference marked the official launch of the York Environmental Sustainability Institute at the University of York, and the centenary of the British Ecological Society.


Audiovisual recordings of all talks, including both keynote speeches by Professor Georgina Mace and Professor Johan Rockström can be viewed via our You Tube channel.

PDF versions of most of the presentations can be viewed here:

Professor Sue Hartley, University of York

Welcome & Introduction

Sue Hartley presentation (PDF , 2,711kb)

Professor Mark Pagani, Yale University

The long-term perspective: Earth’s carbon cycle and sensitivity to CO2 change

Mark Pagani presentation (PDF , 38,955kb)

Professor Peter Cox, University of Exeter

Tipping points in the response of the biosphere to climate change: How can we predict the unpredictable?

Peter Cox presentation (PDF , 1,259kb)

Keynote lecture by Professor Johan Rockström, Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre; Stockholm University

Human Development in the Anthropocene

Johan Rockström presentation (PDF , 8,822kb)

Professor Ally Lewis, University of York

Air pollutants - city streets to global impacts

Ally Lewis presentation (PDF , 34,976kb)

Keynote lecture by Professor Georgina Mace, University College London

A planet and its people under pressure

Georgina Mace presentation (PDF , 6,043kb)

Dr Adrian Ely, STEPS Centre, University of Sussex

Knowledge and innovation for sustainability: Global and local

Adrian Ely presentation (PDF , 1,521kb)

Professor Ian Graham, CNAP, University of York

Making crops more resilient to environmental change

Ian Graham presentation (PDF , 3,478kb)

Professor Jane Hill, University of York

Conservation strategies for adaptation of biodiversity to global change

Jane Hill presentation (PDF , 3,185kb)

Professor Dave Raffaelli, University of York

Ecosystem services, global change and the role of mainstream ecologists

Dave Raffaelli presentation (PDF , 1,904kb)

Professor Mike Hulme, University of East Anglia

'A safe operating space for humanity': Do people's beliefs need to change

Mike Hulme presentation (PDF , 2,407kb)

Professor Alastair Fitter, University of York

50 years of environmental research

Alastair Fitter presentation (PDF , 1,644kb)

Professor Phil Ineson, University of York

Global change: Working together on the evidence base

Phil Ineson presentation (PDF , 7,891kb)