Channel 4 News FactCheck Quotes Prof Sue Hartley

News | Posted on Monday 16 October 2017

YESI Director Prof Sue Hartley responds to the question 'Is Chris Grayling being realistic about growing more food after Brexit?' on Channel 4 News FactCheck.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling claimed that Britain could simply grow more food and buy more from around the world if Britain leaves the EU without a trade deal. This comment was made in response to claims that the cost of food could go up by 22 percent if Britain has a no-deal Brexit.

To test Mr Grayling's claim, Channel 4 News FactCheck contacted Prof Hartley to see if this plan is realistic. YESI has conducted extensive research on sustainable food production so Prof Hartley was able to provide an informed assessment. 

In the article the professor identifies three key questions that would need to be resolved for his proposals to become feasible, including: Can we grow what we want to eat? Where can we grow it? Who is going to grow it?

Prof Hartley concludes that it is “a noble ambition and it’s something that should be in the government’s thinking – but it should have started with a clear vision for a national and regional UK food policy 20 years ago”

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