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Past Completed Summer School Scholarships

Scholarships for 2019

Project TitleSupervisors

Tailored health-related information using the ‘magic triangle’ QoL assessment tool
Quality of Life (PDF , 113kb)

02 Citizen Science: Environment, Education and Activism
Citizen Science (PDF , 154kb)
03 Automating the construction of the Tree of Life (PDF , 142kb) 
  • Dr Jon Hill - Environment & Geography
  • Dr Katie Davis - Biology

‘Becoming human’: How did changes in group dynamics affect the emergence of
our species?
Becoming human (PDF , 106kb)


Creating a Carbon Computer – Unconventional Computing with Novel Nanomaterials
Creating a Carbon Computer (PDF , 111kb)


Dynamic Spectral modelling of Human Voice Directivity for Forensic Speech Science and
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Spectral modelling (PDF , 147kb)


Spintronics-based reservoir computing with magnetic devices (PDF , 119kb)


What is (in) a relation? An interdisciplinary inquiry and applications on the
nature of relations and relational processes
What is (in) a relation? (PDF , 155kb)


3D rendering of a viral genome organization from assembly kinetics data
3D rendering of a viral genome (PDF , 162kb)

Scholarships for 2018

01 Healthcare provisioning and human evolutionary success (PDF , 123kb)
02 Evolving Computation in Materials (Evolution-in-Materio). Or How Smart is a Lump (PDF , 131kb)
03 Key feedback loops in social and ecological networks (PDF , 110kb)
04 Modelling tail probabilities with non-normally distributed biomarkers – Developm (PDF , 131kb)
05 Diffusion of Complexity Concepts: An interdisciplinary mapping (PDF , 108kb) 
06 The Green Formula: Game-based app development for green chemistry in schools (PDF , 354kb)
07 Models of viral geometry and RNA structure in a virtual reality (PDF , 323kb)
08 Diffusion of Financial Rewards from Technological Investments (PDF , 134kb) 

Everything you always wanted to explain about the physics of medical imaging methods* 
(*but were afraid to try)

Everything you wanted to explain (PDF , 201kb)

The Dynamics of Boolean Tree Networks (PDF , 109kb)


Scholarships for 2017

01 Generative Native Grammers (PDF , 125kb) 
02 Animation as an alternative to video of operations and human physiology (PDF , 118kb) 

Everything you always wanted to explain (PDF , 148kb)}
Everything you always wanted to explain about thephysics of medical imagining methods (but were afriad to try)

04 Singing in a Virtual Reality Environment (PDF , 134kb) 
05 Reading the Bees: Creative explorations in data with rooftop honey bee colonies (PDF , 166kb)

Historical and scientific perspectives (PDF , 159kb)
Historial and scientific perspectives on socio-ecological response to combined natural
hazard events

07 Innovative Experiences of Archaeological Imaging (PDF , 153kb)

SkyLine2D: (PDF , 150kb)SkyLine2D: (PDF , 150kb) 
SkyLine2D: bridging the gap between user requirements & an integrated control of a movel technology

09 Bio-inspired global optimization methods and crystal structure prediction (PDF , 349kb) 
10 App Deveopment for Game-Based Learning in Chemistry (PDF , 337kb) 
11  Understanding movement disorders in Parkinson's (PDF , 121kb) 

Scholarships for 2016

Ref No 
ProjectSupervisors & Departments

A magic self-assessment triangle
A magic self-assessment triangle (PDF , 106kb)


MaxFacts (PDF , 107kb)


A Generative Model for Gestalt Preferences in Proportional Analogy
A Generative Model for Gestalt Preferences in Proportional Analogy (PDF , 148kb)

04 Making statisical sense of long-term experimental data-upland carbon and water responses 
to climate change and management
Making statistical sense of long-term experimental data (PDF , 179kb)
05 Algorithmic Generation of Social Architecture
Algorithmic Generation of Social Architecture (PDF , 202kb)

06 Representing Rehearsal: Developing Interactive Visualisations that Enhance Contemporary Theatre &
Music Rehearsal Practices
Representing Rehearsal (PDF , 340kb)
07 Fibres and follicles: high resolution analysis of parchment
Fibres and follicles (PDF , 214kb)
08 Where has all the (peat) carbon gone - up in smoke? A UK comparison of potential versus actual 
peat accumulation
Where has all the (peat) carbon gone - up in smoke? (PDF , 150kb)
09 PEBBLES: Part-of-the-Environment Bio-inspired Blocks for Large-scale Effective Sensing 
PEBBLES (PDF , 341kb)

Scholarships for 2015

Ref No 
ProjectSupervisors & Departments
01 Scoping exercise on tissue homeostasis models: an exploratory initial feasibility study in developing 
computational models from biological models
Scoping exercise on tissue homeostasis models (PDF , 8kb) 
02 Monitoring bradykinesia in a fly model of PD
Monitoring bradykinesia in a fly model of PD (PDF , 145kb)
03 Changing spaces: preserving the acoustic heritage of the York Theatre Royal
Changing Spaces (PDF , 170kb)
04 Quantitative biology squared: quantitative genetics applied to quantitative, high-speed 
imaging of swimming behaviour 
Quantitative biology squared (PDF , 145kb)
05 Logic gates based on complex numbers
Logic gates based on complex numbers (PDF , 105kb)
06 Using crowd sourcing via online games to fit complex models of animal location data  
Animal movement games (PDF , 193kb)
07 The Sensor Organism
The Sensor Organism (PDF , 339kb)
08 Wound healing: contrasting individual-based and differential equation models of the epidermis
Wound healing (PDF , 147kb)
09 Identification of diseased cells using image analsyis and multivariate statistics
Identification of diseased cells (PDF , 193kb)
10 Exploring the metal‑uptake potential of the microalga Galdieria sulphuraria
Exploring the metal-uptake potential (PDF , 324kb)
11 Thinking Ornament Between Disciplines
Thinking Ornament Between Disciplines (PDF , 39kb)

Viruses, Maths and Medicine: Designing for a Mathematics Exploratorium
Viruses, Maths and Medicine (PDF , 166kb)

Scholarships for 2014

Ref No


Project TitleSupervisors and Departments


Detection of psychopathy in voice recording (PDF , 141kb)


Logic-gates (PDF , 74kb)


Bradykinesia in fly models of Parkinson’s disease (PDF , 112kb)


Holocene Climate Implications (PDF , 118kb)


Automation of greenhouse gas measurements (PDF , 162kb)


Exploring singers' tuning strategies (PDF , 189kb)


Enhancing corneal reflection images to improve human face recognition (PDF , 115kb)


Shiny applications to make publications sparkle (PDF , 347kb)


BlackDogCAT (PDF , 406kb)


An HPSG ontology for Archi (PDF , 177kb)


Multiscale mechanical models of wound healing (PDF , 115kb)


Authorising Interactive TV Programmes (PDF , 194kb)
  • Professor Marian Ursu -- Theatre Film & Television
  • Dr Daniel Kudenko - Computer Science


The Art of Complexity (PDF , 115kb)


Developing a bio-informatics pipeline to exploit massive genoe sequencing (PDF , 141kb)

Scholarships for 2013

Ref NoPoject TitleSupervisors and Departments
2013 - 01 Adding Geometry to Artificial Chemistries (PDF , 153kb)
2013 - 02 Building and calibrating a cell division & differentiation simulator (PDF , 120kb) 
2013 - 03 'Sounds interesting' Complexity within a musical note (PDF , 134kb) 
2013 - 04 Detection of psychopathy in voice recording (PDF , 145kb)
2013 - 05  Flexible Graphical Modelling of Gene Networks (PDF , 178kb) 
2013 - 06 Characterising Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease (PDF , 111kb) 
2013 - 07 Possibilities & Potentials in Mokken Scale Analysis (PDF , 332kb) 
2013 - 08 The synthesis of nanoparticles on-surface via biomineralisation (PDF , 120kb)
2013 - 09 Artificial Brains (PDF , 51kb)
2013 - 10 Developing evolutionary algorithms and evolving computer games (PDF , 143kb) 
There are two positions for this project
2013 - 11 A hybrid modelling language for designing graphene-based electronics (PDF , 118kb)
2013 - 12 Exploring virus structure via multi-media (PDF , 176kb)

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