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TRANSition from Interdisciplinarity to Transdisciplinarity

At the University of York (UoY) we are already identifying mutual/synergistic research interests across disciplines. We now need to take the next step and move towards collaborative cross-disciplinary research. The bridging programme – TRANSIT – (TRANSition from Interdisciplinarity to Transdiciplinarity) is intended to nurture this nascent collaborative research culture. The TRANSIT programme provides the resources to promote staff awareness and interaction through a range of physical and virtual fora. At the heart of TRANSIT is time, space and support for the creative thinking and collaboration necessary for the generation and evaluation of novel cross-disciplinary concepts and ideas. To then develop these ideas, TRANSIT provides resources to fund short, focussed feasibility studies, with the aim of generating the proof of principle and initial results, leading towards the submission of competitive research proposals. The goal is to promote further interdisciplinarity at York, and to move towards the development of a true collaborative transdisciplinary research culture.

Moving from interdisciplinarity to transdisciplinarity - the TRANSIT programme

We propose TRANSIT, an integrated programme of activities that aim to bridge the gaps to cross-disciplinarity identified above:

TRANSIT Objectives

  1. To increase awareness of expertise and initiatives across disciplinary boundaries at UoY by establishing a dedicated day of activities – TRANSITday – to include seminars and visitors supported by a Help Desk ("coming together")
  2. To enhance interactions and the development of novel ideas through the explicit fostering of creativity ("thinking together")
  3. To provide resources to support cross-disciplinary feasibility studies through targeted pump-priming and a scholarship programme ("working together")

A key resource underpinning these objectives is the development of a virtual research environment (VRE). We will explore mechanisms to support collegiality by acknowledging and recognising individuals' contributions to the multidisciplinary community through peer-led feedback.

We believe that by providing the time, space and resources for coming together, thinking together and working together we will be able to bridge the gaps between disciplines and develop a truly collaborative and creative transdisciplinary research culture at the University of York.