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TRANSIT - Creativity

A key objective of the TRANSIT project is to enhance interactions between researchers from different academic disciplines. The same words can often have vastly different meanings in different research areas.

The TRANSIT project has specific funding to explore the area of Structured Thinking through Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats, which also incorporates elements of his Lateral Thinking techniques. We believe that by developing a common language about the way we think, we will be able to encounter and learn more effectively from the important differences in the way we approach research across departments and disciplines.

Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats is a simple way of thinking in parallel. Parallel thinking allows a subject to be considered from different perspectives but in sequence, rather than simultaneously, which is the norm. Recognising and encouraging different perspectives on a problem is key to effective, productive and creative thinking.

TRANSIT has a member of staff trained to deliver Six Thinking Hats workshops and places are available to all staff and graduate students at the University of York.

Six Thinking Hats can help you:

  • Tackle thinking, discussion or decision making in a structured way
  • Quickly switch the focus of your thinking
  • Ensure you've explored something thoroughly
  • Think in ways that are less natural, without it seeming forced

The 1-day workshop is informal and focuses on ensuring that you go back to your work or research able to apply Six Hats techniques in a practical and pragmatic way.

Although we have stopped running Six Thinking Hats workshops under the TRANSIT project, they are now available from the University of York's Learning and Development.