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YCCSA People

We are a large interdisciplinary community of academic staff, Research Fellows and Associates and Research Students, all located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Ron Cooke Hub on the University of York's Heslington East Campus.  Others are located within their home departments. Where available, links are to people's departmental home pages.

Academic Staff


Peter Ball
York Management School

Discrete event simulation, energy modelling, sustainable manufacturing practices, industrial eco-efficiency, performance improvement, practice diffusion.

Tel: +44 1904 325302 
Email: peter.ball@york.ac.uk
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/224

Martin Bees

Bioconvection; dispersion of biased swimming micro-organisms in bioreactors; differential dynamic microscopy for high-throughput assays on cell motility; spaciation;structure population dynamics in agricultural pest control; mathematical physiology; plankton patch dynamics; chemoconvestion; and bacterial swarming

Tel: +44 1904 322038  
Email: martin.bees@york.ac.uk
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Richard Bingham

RNA virus evolution

Tel: +44 1904 325367
Email: r.j.bingham@york.ac.uk
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/324

Tim Clarke 

Clarke, Tim

Intelligent autonomous vehicles, industrial automation and flight control with common cross-linking strands in multi-agent systems, machine vision, bio-inspiration, novel hardware demonstrators and complexity.

Tel: +44 1904 322359
Email: tc@ohm.york.ac.uk  
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Location: Physics/Electronics P/M/001

Stephen Connor 

Connor, Stephen

Coupling and stochastic stability, and their application to perfect simulation.

Tel: +44 1904 323785 
Email: stephen.connor@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar  
Location: Mathematics G/N/164

Peter Cowling
Computer Science


Models and heuristic search algorithms for decision making in games
and scheduling/routing/planning/optimisation, Operational
Research/Management Science, Monte Carlo Tree Search, Hyperheuristics

Tel: +44 1904 325355
Email: peter.cowling@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar 
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/230 


James Cussens
Computer Science


Machine learning, particularly focusing on graphical models and inductive logic programming: statistical relational learning or probabilistic inductive logic programming. 

Tel: +44 1904 325371
Email: jc@cs.york.ac.uk
Publications:  Google Scholar
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/326

Gustav Delius 

Delius, Gustav

Symmetries in Dynamical Models of Evolution and Ecology, Stochastic Modelling, Quantum Field Theory, Integrable Systems, Quantum Groups. 

Tel: +44 1904 323077 
Email: gustav.delius@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar  
Location:  Mathematics G/N/110

Anders Drachen
Computer Science

Game Analytics, Business Intelligence and User Research

Tel: +44 1904 325354
Email: anders.drachen@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/232

Eric Dykeman 

Dynamic properties of viruses

Tel: +44 1904 325366
Email: eric.dykeman@york.ac.uk
Publications: The York Research Datebase
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/325

Jason Edwards
History of Art 

Edwards, Jason

British scuplute, Queer Theory and Animal studies

Tel: +44 1904 324250
Email: jason.edwards@york.ac.uk
Location: Vanbrugh V/232 

Dan Franks
Biology/Computer Science


Working on computational models of ecology and evolution: network analysis, animal social networks, predator-prey interactions. 

Tel: +44 1904 325342 
Email: daniel.franks@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar 
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/228 


Philip Garnett
York Management School


Applying systems theory, complex systems theory, and network analysis techniques to a wide range of problems, largely focused on the processing of information

+44 1904 325027
Email: philip.garnett@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/338

Yvette Hancock


Quantum modelling of nanoscale devices, graphene and Raman spectroscopy of complex systems including single-cell Raman. Interested in the study of complex phenomena across length- and time-scales

Tel: +44 1904 325332
Email: y.hancock@york.ac.uk
Publications: The York Research Database
Location: RCH/328

Richard Law

‌‌Law, Richard

Plant ecology, community dynamics and evolutionary ecology 

Tel: +44 1904 325334 
Email: richard.law@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/327

Niall MacKay 

Mackay, Niall - photo by Ian Martindale

Mathematical physics (integrable models and quantum groups), applied mathematics (warfare modelling, scaling laws in biology and physics)

Tel: +44 1904 323493 
Email: niall.mackay@york.ac.uk 
Location: Mathematics G/N/111

Julian Miller 

Miller, Julian

Novel electronic and computational systems whose designs are motivated by biological principles of organisation and operation

Tel: +44 1904 322383
Email: jfm7@ohm.york.ac.uk 
Location: Physics/Electronics P/M/101

Simon O'Keefe
Computer Science

O'Keefe, Simon

Study of neural networks and their application to a variety of problems

Tel: +44 1904 325375 
Email: simon.okeefe@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/329

Jon Pitchford 

Pitchford, Jon

Individual-based models (IBMS) of growth, competition and foraging in marine and terrestrial systems; marine reserves and evolutionary fisheries management; evolution under uncertainty; plankton dynamics; terrestrial carbon dynamics in complex food webs; epidemiology; group movement; wind farms and dead birds 

Tel: +44 1904 328559 
Email: jon.pitchford@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar
Homepages: Biology Mathematics
Location: Biology Room B/S109

Elva Robinson

Robinson, Elva

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow. Working on organisation of ant societies, specifically how the simple behavioural rules followed by individual ants interact to produce adaptive colony-level behaviours

Tel: +44 1904 3255338
Email: elva.robinson@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar 
Location: Biology B/D/003

Martin Robinson 
Electronic Engineering

Robinson, Martin

Applying electromagnetic and radio frequency techniques to bio-medical problems; electromagnetic compatibility and shielding

Tel: +44 1904 322385 
Email: martin.robinson@york.ac.uk 
Location: Physics/Electronics P/Z/014

Angelika Sebald 

Sebald, Angelika

Nuclear magnetice resonance - spin dynamics in spectroscopy and computation 

Tel: +44 1904 325134
Email: angelika.sebald@york.ac.uk a
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/227

Steve Smith  
Electronic Engineering

Smith, Steve

Evolutionary computation, particularly alternative representations and their application to image processing. Vision and image analysis for novel medical computing and rich media applications, such as video augmented environments 

Tel: +44 1904 322351 
Email: stephen.smith@york.ac.uk  
Location: Physics/Electronics P/M/103

Susan Stepney 
Computer Science

Stepney, Susan

Non-standard computation, complex adaptive systems, non-von Neumann architectures 

Tel: +44 1904 325377
Email: susan@cs.york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar 
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/331

Gianluca Tempesti Electronic Engineering

Tempesti, Gianluca

Bio-inspired digital hardware, built-in self-test and self-repair, programmable logic, and cellular automata 

Tel: +44 1904 323328 
Email: gianluca.tempesti@york.ac.uk 
Location: Physics/Electronics P/Z/013

Jacco Thijssen

Industrial organization and corporate finance, understanding optimal dynamic decision making under uncertainty, using techniques from optimal control theory, optimal stopping theory, game theory, and infinite dimensional analysis.

Tel: +44 1904 32 5004
Email: jacco.thijssen@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/226

Jon Timmis  

Natural computation, swarm robotics and computational immunology  

Tel: +44 1904 32 2318 
Email: jtimmis@cs.york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar  
Location: Electronics DF/02

Martin Trefzer 
Electronic Engineering

Trefzer, Martin Albrecht


Automatic Design of Adaptive Systems using Unconstrained Evolution and Development on a Hardware Platform

Tel: +44 1904 323324
Email: martin.trefzer@york.ac.uk 
Location: Physics/Electronics P/M/105

Mike Tse 

Tse, Mike

Supply chain risk management in solving quality risk by using a large scale, empirical approach 

Tel: +44 1904 325341
Email: mike.tse@york.ac.uk
Location: Manangement LMB/234

Reidun Twarock 

Novel analytical and computational tools for the modelling of viruses


Tel: +44 1904 325368 
Email: reidun.twarock@york.ac.uk
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/323

Andy Tyrrell 
Electronic Engineering

Tyrrell, Andy

Design of biologically-inspired architectures, artificial immune systems, evolvable hardware, FPGA system design, fault tolerant design, and real-time systems 

Tel: +44 1904 322340
Email: amt@ohm.york.ac.uk
Location: Physics/Electronics P/B/005

Harry Venables 

Venables, Harry

Development and application of ant colony optimisation techniques within the field of facility location, a branch of supply chain management  

Tel: +44 1904 325037 
Email: harry.venables@york.ac.uk  
Location: Management LMB/212

Richard Walsh
English & Related Literature

Walsh, Richard 

Narrative theory and complex systems

Tel: +44 1904 323338
Email: richard.walsh@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar 
Location: Derwent M/110

Julie Wilson 

Wilson, Julie

Working on chemometrics, biostatistics and image analysis 

Tel: +44 1904 325369
Email: julie.wilson@york.ac.uk
Publications: Google Scholar
Location: Mathematics G/N/105 

Jamie Wood  

Wood, Jamie


Working on complexity and emergent phenomena in biologically inspired models 

Tel: +44 1904 328650  
Email: jamie.wood@york.ac.uk 
Publications: Google Scholar
Location: Biology Room B/S112 

Peter Young 

Young, Peter

Population genetics, molecular phylogeny and comparative genomics of rhizobia and other bacteria. Molecular ecology and diversity of mycorrhizal fungi. Bioinformatics and environmental genomics. Biologically-inspired computing 

Tel: +44 1904 328630 
Email: peter.young@york.ac.uk 
Location: Biology B/J/10

Research Fellows


James Alfred Walker 

Walker, James Alfred

Evolutionary Computation, especially Cartesian Genetic Programming (CGP), and its application to real-world problems 

Tel: +44 1904 322832
Email: james.walker@york.ac.uk 
Location: Physics/Electronics P/M/105

Research Associates

Matthew Dale
Computer Science

Unconventional computing with physical systems

Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/336

Simous Gerasimou
Computer Science

Self -Adaptive Systems, Search-based and Model-driven Software Engineering, Robotics, Machine learning 

Tel: +44 1904 325198
Email: simos.gerasimou@york.ac.uk
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/207

Giuliana Indelicato


Mathematical modelling of conformational changes in viral capsids
Development of mathematical tools for the structural characterisation of polypeptide nanoparticles used as vaccines

Publications: Google Scholar

Richard Southwell

Tel: +44 1904 325173
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/333

Research Students

Norliza Abdullah

 Mobile Network Security 

  • Computer Science 2014 - 2017
  • Supervised by Professor John Clark

Stewart Aitken



Unconventional algorithms for hardware exhibiting swarm-like behaviours

  • Computer Science 2010 - 2016
  • Supervised by Professor Susan Stepney

Hasanen Alyasiri


Web Server Security

  • Computer Science 2014 - 2017
  • Supervised by Professor John Clark and Dr Rob Alexander

Jennifer Beeston


Digital gaming and interactive technologies for neurological care centres

  • Computer Science 2015 - 2019
  • Supervised by Dr Paul Cairns

Joe Cutting

 Immersion in self-paced games

  • computer Science 2014 - 2017
  • Supervised by Dr Paul Cairns

Rory Davidson

  • Computer Science 2016 - 2020
  • Supervised by Dr Paul Cairns

Jack Dewhirst

  • Computer Science 2018 - 2021
  • Supervised by Professor Susan Stepney and Dr Angelika Sebald

Penny Faulkner


 Chemical Realism in Artificial Chemistries

  • Chemistry 2015 - 2018
  • Supervised by Dr Angelika Sebald and Professor Susan Stepney

Carlos Gonzalex Diaz

  • Computer Science 2016 - 2020
  • Supervised by Dr Sebastian Deterding

Cathryn Henderson


  • Computer Science 2016 - 2020
  • Supervised by Dr jenna Ng and Dr Daniel Kudenko

Shringi Kumari

  • Computer Science 2016 - 2020
  • Supervised by Dr Christopher Power

Sha Li

Games and Interactive TV

  • Computer Science 23015 - 2018
  • Supervised by Professor Marian Ursu (Theatre Film and Television)

Adam Sattaur

 Machine Learning for Game AI

  • Computer Science 2016 - 2020
  • Supervised by Dr Sam Devlin and Professor Peter Cowling

Eva Weiss

 Packaging-signal mediated assembly mechanisms in single-stranded RNA viruses

  • Biology 2014 - 2017
  • Supervised by Professor Reidun Twarock and Dr Eric Dykeman


Admin Staff

Sarah Christmas
YCCSA Manager


Tel: +44 1904 325334
Email: sarah.christmas@york.ac.uk 
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/221



Kieran Alden

Use of computational models to inform or replace biological experimentation, robust model design, statistical analysis of simulations of complex systems

University of Birmingham

Publications: Google Scholar
Homepage 1 - Homepage 2

Adel Aloraini

Machine learning in bioinformatics specially for cancer modelling and gene regulatory networks

Qassim University


Ignazio Cabras Newcastle Business School


Regional growth and development, public sector management, employment issues, urban-rural dynamics, community cohesion and social capital, industry and innovation, knowledge economies and ICT. 

Email: ignazio.cabras@york.ac.uk 
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/339

Leo Caves


Modelling & Simulation of Biosystems: simulation of complex biosystems.  Data Science: methods & tools for exploratory data analysis and visualisation for biosystems.

Publications: Google Scholar


Email: lsd.caves@gmail.com

Jose Cuesta

Complex systems, statistical physics, evolutionary dynamics, theoretical ecology, social modelling & experiments

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Publications: Google Scholar
Home Page

Keith De'Bell


Mathematical modeling of self-organizing systems and complex systems, social development and the social determinants of health.

St. Francis Xavier, Canada

Publications: Google Scholar

Pierre-Philippe Dechant

Geometry, Symmetries, Moonshine, Clifford algebras, Kac-Moody algebras, Coxeter groups, Cosmology, String Theory, Viruses, Fullerenes, Quasicrystals 

York St John University

Publications: Google Schoolar

Alastair Droop

Bioinformatics especially NGS data analysis, modelling and visualisation. Complex systems analysis and emergence in dynamic biological systems

University of Leeds

Publications: Google Scholar


Peter Dudley


Cybernetics and Adaptive Systems

University of Manchester - Manchester Business School

Linkedin Page

Bruce Edmonds

Social aspects of informal value exchange; simulating the social processes of science; bridging the qualitative-quantitative worlds; the social complexity of immigration and diversity; social and socially-situated intelligence; measures and characterizations of complexity; evolutionary processes; nature and application of context in cognitive and AI domains; social simulation; philosophy of science (particularly modelling);  the application of social processes/structures to computational systems, simulating the social processes of science and using qualitative data to inform the specification of agent-based models.

Publications: Google Scholar

Karim ElSawy

Molecular modelling and computer simulation of biomolecules

Qassim University

Publications: Google Scholar


Kiran Fernandes


Modelling Complex Sysems, Open Innovation and Complex Supply Chains

University of Durham

Publications: Google Scholar
Home Page

John Forrester

The application of social anthropological theory to ‘real-world’ complex problems especially with respect to human-environmental issues: co-creation of knowledge

Email: johnf.sei@gmail.com

Richard Greaves

Simulation of stem cell fate computation

Email: richard.greaves@york.ac.uk
Location: Ron Cooke Hub RCH/226

Simon Hickinbotham
Hickinbotham, Simon

Artificial Chemistry: Computational Creativity; Bio-reflective Architectures; Evolutionary Robotics; Pattern Recognition

Publications: Google Scholar


Peter Hines

Category theory as a unifying principle that allows us to see the structures in common to a range of fields, from logic, pure mathematics and theroretical computer science, to quantum computing, crytopgraphy, linguistics, and cognitive science


Ottoline Leyser

Self-organisation in plant development

Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University

Publictions: Google Scholar

Michael Lones 


Evolutionary and bio-inspired computing methods and applications in biology and medicine 

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Publications: Google Scholar


Christian Micheletti

Development and application of coarse grained models to study kinetic, thermodynamic and mechanical properties of biomolecules

International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA)


Howard Noble

Participatory agent-based modelling: envisaging the future through making, playing and explaining games

University of Oxford


Ana Teixeira de Melo

Families and Love as Complex Systems;  Change in Complex Systems; Complex Thinking; Complexity theory; Interdisciplinary processes and practices; Epistemology and philosophy of science

Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Publications: Researchgate
Homepage Email: ana.teixeirademelo@york.ac.uk

Fiona Polack

Polack, Fiona

Engineering nature-inspired systems, modelling, simulation, and validation of complex systems, modelling and metamodelling, software engineering, eg. for security, with formality, Formal and integrated software specification 

Keele University

Publications: Google Scholar 

Emma Uprichard

Methods and methodology; time and temporality; children and childhood; cities and urban change; food; critical realism;
change and continuity

University of Warwick

Publications: Google Scholar