Gareth Beale
Research Fellow at the Centre for Digital Heritage



Gareth completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter in 2004 before moving to the University of Gothenburg in Sweden for a masters degree in Archaeological Computing. After graduating in 2005 I moved to the University of Southampton to pursue research relating to the theory and practice of digital imaging in archaeology. While at Southampton I completed an MSc in Archaeological Computing and I have recently submitted my PhD thesis. 

My PhD Research was funded by the AHRC and carried out in collaboration with the Herculaneum Conservation Project. It focussed on the development of physically accurate 3D computer graphics techniques to visualise and interpret Roman sculptural polychromy.

I have a particular interest in the power of digital approaches to archaeology to allow us to document and to represent the past in new ways. As well as informing my PhD research this interest is also evident in the research projects which I co-direct including the Re-Reading the British Memorial project, The Basing House Community Archaeology & Technology project and the Making History project; a collaboration with Winchester School of Art. I have a strong interest in the management and creative re-use of archaeological data and was a researcher on the JISC funded Datapool project at the University of Southampton during 2012-13.

Since November 2013 I have been a research fellow at the Centre for Digital Heritage at the University of York.

University roles

Research Fellow at the Centre for Digital Heritage



My research is centred on the use of images and image making in contemporary archaeological research. I am very interested in the practical and theoretical role which images can play in constructing and mediating understandings of the past.

The technical elements of my research relate to the development and implementation of free and open source imaging tools within archaeology. I am particularly interested in the new forms of archaeological practice which these tools enable and how we can encourage and spread the use of technology amongst different communities of archaeological researchers.

My research covers a range of historical periods but I am increasingly focussing on the Early Modern period of English history particularly the English civil war and early colonialism. I also have a continuing interest in Roman polychrome statuary.


Basing House

The Basing House project is a research excvation and summer school in Old Basing, Hampshire. The project is codirected by Nicole Beale and Chris Elmer (University of Southampton) and David Allen (Hampshire County Council). The project makes use of a full range of archaeological prospection, survey, imaging and excavation techniques in order to build a fuller picture of a complex multi-phase archaeological site. The project has a strong community focus with volunteers from Basingstoke Archaeological and Historical Society working alongside student and staff volunteers from a number of Universities.


Re-Reading the British Memorial

The Re-Reading the British Memorial Project is a community dcoumentation project co-directed with Nicole Beale. The project aims to develop and disseminate methodologies which allow local groups to document cemeteries, grave yards and church memorials using open source and free digital imaging techniques. The project has been run in coollaboration with the Churches Conservation Trust and Wessex Archaeology.


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Dr Gareth Beale
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