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Sarah West




Sarah West

Centre Director and Senior Research Associate

Sarah took on the role of Centre Director at SEI York in March 2020.  She brings a wealth of expertise in citizen science to the role. She has been designing, running, evaluating and researching citizen science projects for over a decade, initially on the OPAL project which aimed to engage people from all backgrounds in science and nature through environmental surveys. Whilst working on this project Sarah completed her PhD in the Department of Environment and Geography on the Evaluation of Environmental Education.

Since then, Sarah has been expanding the topics and locations in which citizen science approaches are used, including through work with Parenting Science Gang, a parent-led citizen science project, and developing methods to monitor air pollution in informal settlements in Nairobi.



BA (Hons) Geography – University of Oxford (St Peter’s College)

MSc Biodiversity and Conservation – University of Leeds

PGCAP (Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice – University of York

PhD Evaluation of Environmental Education – University of York


2006 – 2008 (all part-time) Volunteer Environmental Education officer TCV York, membership recruiter Soil Association, Administration assistant York Hospitals NHS Trust, Administration assistant (temp pool) University of York.

Departmental roles



Research group(s)

Citizen science and other participatory approaches

Available PhD research projects

Sarah is keen to supervise students who are interested in using citizen science approaches in their work, or who would like to research the citizen science approach. See our post-graduate pages for further information.


Selected publications

West, S. E., Büker, P., Ashmore, M., Njoroge, G., Welden, N., Muhoza, C., Osano, P., Makau, J., Njoroge, P. and Apondo, W. (2020). Particulate matter pollution in an informal settlement in Nairobi: Using citizen science to make the invisible visible. Applied Geography, 114. 102133.

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Sarah co-teaches Environmental Systems Project with Claire Hughes for second-year undergraduates in the Department of Environment and Geography. She also does a few lectures as part of the first year Data Analysis for Environmental Science module and supervises undergraduate dissertations.

Sarah West

Mob: 07965 661181





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