Summer School Programme

Every year YCCSA runs a Summer School Programme which runs for nine weeks starting in July.  

The School for 2020 will run from Monday, 13 July 2020 until Friday, 11 September 2020.  Details of important dates can be found on the Timetable tab.

If you have any questions about the Summer School Programme, please email


YCCSA offers a number of interdisciplinary vacation scholarships to students from universities in the UK, EU and overseas. Students undertake 9 week placement during which time they pursue a research project with at least two academic supervisors from different disciplines.

Important news! The Summer School will be 12 years old in 2020, and will be slightly different.  A new and exciting programme will see 2020 offering only three projects but each project will have three students, each from a different discipline.  This will be a new challenge - not only will the students learn about research but working as a team and learning about interdisciplinarity first hand. 

Eligibility - All students who are committed to a course of study in the following year are eligible.  This constitutes either a continuing undergraduate programme, or an offer for an MSc or a PhD has been given and accepted by the time applications have closed.

The scheme has supported 116 students over the last nine years working on interdisciplinary projects between the following Departments and external institutions

Archaeology Biology Chemistry Computer Science

Digital Creativity

English & Related
Environment Environment &
Health Sciences History of Art HYMS
Language & Linguistics Mathematics Music Physics Psychology Sociology
Stockholm Environment 
The York 
Theatre Film & 
University of London 

They proved to be an invaluable resource for academics to develop cross-disciplinary collaborations and students in turn receive training and experience of research. 

Projects for 2020

Project NameSupervisors

PhysComp: where magnetic moments, software architectures and robots meet

PhysComp (PDF , 286kb)


The development of a self-reflective Magic Triangle tool

Magic Triangle Tool (PDF , 463kb)


BioComp: where bio-inspired social network dynamics, brains and robots meet

BioComp (PDF , 326kb)


Timetable for 2020

The draft timetable for 2020 is as follows:

  • Scholarships advertised - By the end of week beginning 13  January 2020
  • Closing date - noon, Friday, 13 March 2020
  • Project Allocation meeting - Monday, 23 March 2020
    And new for this year,
  • Interviews - Friday, 27 March 2020  (these will be held at YCCSA for local candidates or otherwise by Skype etc)
  • Results - All candidates will be notified by Friday, 03 April 2020



Interested in applying? To apply you need to provide, as one PDF document:

  1. Your CV (maximum of 2 pages)
  2. A brief personal statement (maximum of 2 pages) including:
    • Which project(s) and which role(s) in you are interested in (can be more than one, but in preference order)
    • How do you meet the essential criteria, please give examples, i.e. your knowledge and use of particular software for example
    • Your reasons for applying
    • Your academic interest
    • Your future aspirations
  3. A full written academic reference (not just contact details). Your application will not be accepted without this reference (maximum of 1 page).

Please note: Eligibility - All students who are committed to a course of study in the following year are eligible.  This constitutes either a continuing undergraduate programme, or an offer for an MSc or a PhD has been given and accepted by the time applications have closed.  If you are in any doubt, please contact yccsa-internships@york.ac.uk

Send these via e-mail as one PDF document to yccsa-internships@york.ac.uk  Please note that your information will be made freely available to potential supervisors at the University of York and that by applying you consent to this.

Please be aware, this year we will be interviewing short-listed candidates.  These may be face-to-face interviews with those candidates living close by, or otherwise by Skype or Google Hangouts etc.  If you have any particular issues that would preclude interviews of this nature, could you please indicate in your application and we will make alternative arrangements.  Again, you can contact yccsa-internships@york.ac.uk to ask any questions.

If your referee would prefer to send the reference separately, they can do so to the email address above but we ask you to co-ordinate with your referee to ensure that the application and reference arrive more or less together. We cannot consider applications that are incomplete after the deadline has passed.