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  • YCCSA holds on even weeks on the term, Friday Seminars with speakers from a wide range of disciplines.  The seminars take place from 13:30 until 15:30 with cake and refreshments offered after the talk for the follow on in-depth discussion.

  • Each month there is an YCCSA/CMODS Complexity Reading Group meeting which spends an hour discussing the paper of the month

Past YCCSA Seminars

Guidance for Seminar Speakers
The YCCSA cake seminars cover the theme of complexity in its broadest sense and are an ideal opportunity to hear about different research perspectives, study systems and analytical approaches. The audience is diverse, from PhD students to professors, including representatives of a range of science, social sciences and humanities backgrounds. Whilst technical detail is often essential and appropriate, speakers are asked to ensure that their presentations are also accessible to this broad academic audience, balancing subject-specific detail with more high-level material of broader interest 

Past Events

Previous events include