Summer 2019 Seminar Series 

RCH/204 at 13:30

Friday, 07 June
Dr Dmitry Nerukh, Department of Mathematics, Ashton University 
Title: Multiscale multiphysics of liquid solutions of complex molecular systems - Abstract Dmitry Nerukh (PDF , 99kb)
Host: Professor Reidun Twarock

Friday, 21 June
Professor Chris Speed, School of Design, University of Edinburgh 
Title: Co-Designing with Things - Abstract Chris Speed (PDF , 93kb)
Host: Professor Susan Stepney

Friday, 30 August 2019

Dr Alexander Turner, Science & Engineering, University of Hull, 
Title: Moving the gailt lab into patients homes - Abstract Alexander Turner (PDF , 92kb)

Dr Katharina Wollenberg Valero, Science & Engineering, University of Hull
Title: Functional genomics of climate adaptation in vertebrate ectotherms - Abstract Katharina Wollbenberg Valero (PDF , 91kb)

Host: Professor Susan Stepney






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