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Spring 2020 Seminar Series 

At 13:30 - Please see individual seminars for venue

Friday, 24 January - RCH/017 Ron Cooke Hub
Dr Lisa Lamberti, ETC Zurich, Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering
Title: Cluster partitions and fitness landscapes of the Drosophalia fly microiome - Abstract Lisa Lamberti (PDF , 621kb)
Host: Professor Reidun Twarock

Friday, 31 January - CSE/102&103 Computer Science
Dr Matthew Dale, YCCSA / Computer Science, York
Title: Designing future computers using A1 - Abstract - Matt Dale (PDF , 623kb)
Host Professor Susan Stepney

Friday, 14 February - CSE/102&103 Computer Science
Professor Roy Chantrell, Department of Physics, York
Title: Multiscale Modelling of Magnetic Materials - Abstract Roy Chantrell (PDF , 623kb)
Host: Professor Susan Stepney

Friday 28 February - CSE/102&103 Computer Science
Dr Jamie Blaza, Department of Chemistry, York
Title: The gears of life: energy coupling at the molecular scale across the domains of life - Abstract - Jamie Blaza (PDF , 618kb)
Host: Dr Angelia Sebald

Friday 13 March - CSE/102&103 Computer Science 
Dr Sean Walton, Swansea University
Title: Putting the designer back into the evolutionary design algorithms: Building a Mixed-Initiative Procedural Viedo Game Level Generator - Abstract Sean Walton (PDF , 616kb)
Host: Dr James Stovold



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