Summer 2018 Seminar Series 

RCH/204 at 13:30

Friday, 27 April
Professor Gillian Bentley, Durham University
Title: Evolutionary Perspectives on Medicine and Health -Abstract Gillian Bentley (PDF  , 91kb)
Host: Professor Richard Law

Friday, 25 May
Mr Matthew Dale, YCCSA
Title: Reservoir Computing in materio - Abstract Matthew Dale (PDF  , 99kb)
Host: Professor Susan Stepney

Friday, 8 June
Dr Aneruin Kennerly, York
Title: tbc
Host: Dr Angelika Sebald

Friday, 15 June
Dr Nikolai Bodi, University of Bristol
Title: tbc
Host: Dr Dan Franks

Friday, 22 June
Dr Mariella Canales, Centre of Appiled Ecology and Sustainability (CAPES)
Title: tbc
Host: Professor Richard Law







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