Summer Vacation 2017 Seminar Series

'Visions of Interdisciplinarity'

These seminars will be held in RCH/204 at 13:30 - 15:30. Refreshments and cake provided.

Over the summer vacation YCCSA is hosting a series of interdisciplinary seminars focused on the University of York's research themes. The seven Research Champions will deliver a series of talks about their specific interdisciplinary themes.  Each session will have two speakers followed by an extended discussion period.  All are welcome to come to the seminars, join in the discussions and enjoy the cake.

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Friday, 21 July

Introduction to Interdisciplinary - Professor Susan Stepney, YCCSA Director

Professor John McDermid - Risk, evidence and decision making

Risk for the real world: in an increasingly complex world, our research is penetrating deep into how decisions on risk are made and how they are shaped by technological, social and cultural factors. By drawing on our understanding of these factors, we can provide government and industry with better risk models and help influence policies resulting in better-informed decision making.  Explore this theme

Host: Dr Simon O'Keefe - Computer Science 

Friday, 11 August

Dr Damian Murphy - Creativity

Creativity is a key driver of modern, dynamic societies and is at the centre of our research excellence. Our work considers the nature of creativity and the creative process across linguistic, cultural, aesthetic and cognitive dimensions. Research at the convergence of technology, digital games and interactive media, together with leading partners in the creative economy, enables us to deliver new experiences to provoke, inform and entertain for the wider benefit of society.  Explore this theme

Dr Mark Jenner - Culture and Communication

Working on all periods from prehistory to the present and on places across the globe, York researchers explore every kind of cultural activity, product and practice from poetry to pollution, alongside every aspect of communications from syntax to cyberspace. They are advancing and challenging how we understand the world, and developing new intellectual tools to make sense of human thought, human behaviour and our relation to the natural world.  Explore this theme

Host: Professor Reidun Twarock - Biology/Maths 

Friday, 25 August

Professor Thomas Krauss - Technologies for the future

Our researchers are developing novel technologies, processes and materials with the potential to transform the economic, environmental, and social landscape. From precision plasma manufacturing, to plants that can devour toxins, fundamental research is being rapidly translated into real world solutions.  Explore this theme

Professor Kate Pickett - Justice and equality

Fairness, inclusivity, equality, and welfare, are policy fields where our research sets the political agenda. These themes also define our values and approach to meeting the grand social challenges of our time at national and international level.  Explore this theme

Host:  Dr Leo Caves - Biology 

Friday, 1 September

Professor Karen Bloor - Health and wellbeing

Our global reputation in biomedicine, health science, economics and the medical humanities is built on research excellence that begins with the fundamental understanding of health and disease in the past and the present, and progresses to evidence-based decision-making about future healthcare policies and therapies.  Explore this theme

Professor Sue Hartley - Environmental sustainability and resilience

Whether it is food scarcity and energy security, or climate change and pollution, our interdisciplinary research is providing the evidence base for policy makers to address the key global challenges facing ourselves and our planet, and so shape a more sustainable future for us all.  Explore this theme

Host:  Professor Susan Stepney - Computer Science


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