Tim Croudace
Professor of Psychometric Epidemiology



Prior to university, Tim worked in the computing department of a water engineering consultancy, he studied Civil Engineering at the University of Southampton, completing the first academic year. Tim moved to Nottingham the following year to start a four-year degree in the Department of Psychology, during the third year he spent a year in industry in Scotland working for Shell EXPRO in Aberdeen. Tim won an undergraduate summer research bursary from the Nuffield Foundation (his first grant!). Following that, he returned to Nottingham to complete his BSc Hons (2:i) and a Diploma in Applied Psychology (Distinction). He completed his PhD in the same department supported by an ESRC Competition Studentship award. During this time he was supported and mentored by David Gilmore and Ian Howarth.

After his PhD, Tim moved into the Psychiatry department of the Medical School, where he became a non-clinical lecturer. He was a training fellow in Health Services Research (funded through the joint MRC / Regional Health Authority competition) and completed a Masters in Health Services Research and Technology Assessment at the University of Sheffield, in the Medical Care Research Unit and SCHaRR. During this time he was supported and mentored by Glynn Harrison and his successor, Peter Jones.

Tim became a Non-Clinical Senior Lecturer in Nottingham, but moved to the University of Cambridge in 2000 to become a Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry, in the Medical School at Addenbrookes. He was successful in becoming a Department of Health (NIHR) Career Scientist in Public Mental Health (for five years) and a Non-Clinical Senior Lecturer there, gaining tenure. During this time he was supported and mentored by Peter Jones, Head of Department.

Tim left Cambridge in 2012 to take up a Chair in the Hull York Medical School where he is Professor of Psychometric Epidemiology based in the Department of Health Sciences.


  • PhD Psychology: Nottingham
  • MSc Health Services Research and Health Technology Assessment: Sheffield
  • BSc(Hons) Psychology: Nottingham
  • Diploma in Applied Psychology: Nottingham  

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Tim's research interests span two related disciplines: epidemiology and psychometrics.  Tim combines these interests to produce innovative research using state of the art longitudinal data-analysis and ‘new’ approaches to measurement theory. His specific methodological and research expertise are outline below:

  • Psychometrics (Contemporary Psychometrics, Applied Psychometrics);
  • Epidemiology (Psychiatric Epidemiology, Life-Course Epidemiology, Psychometric Epidemiology);
  • Measurement of health and well-being (Emotional Adjustment; Psychological Health (inc. Rutter's Malaise, Goldberg's Psychological Distress, Goodman's Strengths and Difficulties questionnaires) );
  • General Latent Variable Modelling e.g. in Mplus, Stata, Latent Gold and increasingly in R;
  • Longitudinal Data Analysis and Latent Structure Analysis (Latent Class Growth Analysis, Longitudinal Latent Class Analysis, Growth Modelling and Mixture Modelling);
  • Item Response Theory (parametric and non-parametric);
  • Categorical Data Factor Analysis, Multidimensional Latent Trait Analysis, and secondary analysis of clinical and general population (epidemiologically based) cohort studies, and of service users in mental health e.g. IAPT clients.

Current projects

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Tim would be interested to see proposals in the following areas: advanced quantitative methods, item response theory, structural equation modelling.  Interested PhD candidates with proposals related to latent variable modelling of secondary data, applied psychometrics and longitudinal and life-course understanding of mental health in adolescents and adults (particularly birth cohort studies) are welcome to contact Tim to explore possible projects. His preference is for researchers using Stata, Mplus and emerging functionality in R. See www.restore.ac.uk/appliedpsychometrics for examples from collaborative teaching.

Keywords: SEM, MIRT, AQM, Mplus (www.statmodel.com), irtist-in-residence.


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  • 2012 Charles University, Prague
  • 2012 University of Durham
  • 2010 Taiwan
  • 2009 London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine
  • 2008 Summer Meeting of the British Association for Psychopharmacology, Harrogate

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Prof. Tim Croudace
Professor of Psychometric Epidemiology

Tel: 01904 32(1633)