Accessibility statement
July 2017 - July 2019

Cinematic Virtual Reality

Mr John MateerDr Guy Schofield

Can we develop new tools to build VR Experiences and can we market that content more effectively in emerging markets?

(L to R) David Cosgrove, Carl Frampton, Phil Morrow (Wild Rover Productions/Retinize’s Managing Director), Jack Morrow

This Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Wild Rover Productions, a well-established broadcast television production company and the Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media at the University of York consists of two complementary strands.

The first strand seeks to embed technical expertise within the company to enhance their capabilities for creating high-end VR content by developing toolkits to help streamline VR production workflows.

WBA Boxing champion Carl Frampton experiencing Cinematic Virtual Reality.

Current tools that enable the creation of VR projects have their origins in video game production and are designed for games creators and programmers rather than film and TV producers, who work in a different way. This ensures the company is able to focus on the creation of strong content and story rather than be bogged down by implementation issues.

The second strand looks to embed marketing and distribution business expertise within the company to exploit rapidly expanding markets for VR content. 

Using a formal company needs analysis as a base, a detailed survey of the emerging markets for VR content is being developed, from which marketing and distribution strategies for all relevant target markets will develop. The results of this detailed survey will also be used to adapt and align the company’s existing practices to exploit these new sectors. This approach will enable the new business development strategy to help WRP gain competitive advantage.