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Globalisation, Politics & Culture - MAN00023H

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  • Department: The York Management School
  • Module co-ordinator: Prof. Leo McCann
  • Credit value: 20 credits
  • Credit level: H
  • Academic year of delivery: 2022-23

Module summary

The module is designed to provide an in-depth exploration of the nature of contemporary globalisation, focusing on the various economic, cultural and social elements of an increasingly interdependent world economy. It encourages students to develop a critical position on the multifaceted environment  in which international business is embedded and which it, to some extent, also shapes.

Module will run

Occurrence Teaching cycle
A Autumn Term 2022-23

Module aims

The module is designed to develop the knowledge and understanding the students have of business and management by exploring how theory and practice has responded to the internationalisation of economic and social activity.  The course will engage in broad and deep analysis of the interrelated economic, political and cultural angles of globalization. An important aspect of the module is to develop the intellectual capacities of students by engaging in in-depth analysis and critique of globalization theory and applying it to a highly complex, dynamic, and frequently uncertain arena of management endeavour.

Module learning outcomes

  • Assess the social, economic and political factors which have influenced, and continue to influence international business.

  • Explain the role of international trading and regulatory institutions and their interaction with corporate strategy.

  • Explore and discuss the main dimensions of the international business environment and the dynamics of international trade and investment.

  • Distinguish between and apply different analytical techniques.

  • Appraise the significance of multinational corporations and global brands.

Module content

  • The historical development of the current pattern of international business

  • Rise of Globalization theory since the 1990s

  • Debates on ‘global culture’

  • Globalisation vs. regionalisation – the political economy of international business

  • Multinational corporations and global production and services

  • The impact of Brexit on the British economy

  • Global governance of trade and investment


Task Length % of module mark
Globalisation & International Business Individual Assignment
N/A 100

Special assessment rules



Task Length % of module mark
Globalisation & International Business Essay
N/A 100

Module feedback

Module assessment reports to students are written by the module leader for all assessments (open and closed) and placed on the VLE after the Board of Examiners has received the module marks

The timescale for the return of feedback will accord with UYMS policy

Indicative reading

McCann, L., (2018) A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Globalisation, London: Sage 

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