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A modification is a change to an existing programme of study, categorized as 'minor' or 'major'. Primary responsibility for considering and approving modifications rests with Boards of Studies (or Graduate School Boards, where these have delegated power for postgraduate programmes). Modifications classed as 'major' also require the approval of the relevant Faculty Learning and Teaching Group.  

As a general principle, modifications should be implemented for the next entering cohort and not for current students.

The University is now using the online Module Catalogue to process approvals of all new modules, and modifications to, and withdrawals of, existing modules. Please consult your Quality Support Officer if you have any queries.


Full guidance on the procedure for modifications, including definitions of 'minor' and 'major', is provided in the policy on Approval of Modifications to Existing Taught Programmes of Study Complex modifications and those at programme level requiring FTLG approval should be accompanied by the modifications pro forma. Please note:

  • All proposals to change programme titles should be discussed with Student Recruitment and Admissions and need Planning Committee approval. Planning Committee approval may also be needed where there are resource implications.  Departments should consult their Planning Officer about Planning Committee approval.
  • For major modifications, the approval of the relevant external examiner(s) may be required.
  • Modifications do not include changes made to accommodate individual students. If a department wishes to change a programme of study for a single student it must make a case to Special Cases Committee. If, however, the change relates to an assessment for a single student (in advance of the assessment) it should make a case to the Standing Committee on Assessment
  • Any questions about the modifications process should be raised with the Department's Academic Quality Team contact.

Record keeping

Records of all modifications should be kept by the Board of Studies (or Graduate School Board). UTC will examine these records at regular intervals, including at periodic review. The records may also need to be made available to external auditors, eg PSRBs.