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The University engages in a variety of different types of collaborative provision. This includes the Hull York Medical School, collaboration with international universities (eg for the provision of joint and double PhD programmes), and a small number of programmes validated by the University.

Development of collaborative provision

If you are in a department at York and are thinking of developing a programme (undergraduate or postgraduate, including PhDs) in collaboration with another institution or organisation, please:

  • read the University policy and procedures
  • ensure you have the full support of your department
  • contact your departmental AQ contact as soon as possible for advice (and certainly before any commitments, however informal, have been made to the partner)
  • inform and seek advice from your contact in the Planning Office
  • do not sign any documents or make any promises to the partner until University approval has been gained

More about developing collaborations

More about developing international partnerships

Current collaborations

The Hull York Medical School (HYMS) was set up in 2003 by the Universities of York and Hull in partnership with the NHS. Academic programmes within HYMS are overseen by Joint Senate.

For more about existing collaborations between York and other institutions, please see the Collaborations Registers.

Collaborative provision policy

The collaborative provision policy aims to guide decision-making within the University.

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