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Collaborative Provision: Undergraduate, Taught Postgraduate and Postgraduate Research Programmes 

The University engages in a variety of collaborative provision (provision delivered with or by another institution or organisation) involving undergraduate, taught postgraduate and postgraduate research programmes.

This includes the Hull York Medical School (HYMS), CITY College, University of York Europe Campus, collaboration with international universities (eg York-Maastricht Partnership), Higher and Degree Apprenticeships and programmes validated by the University that are designed and delivered by a partner.

Development of Collaborative Provision

If you are in a school/ department at York and are thinking of developing collaborative provision involving undergraduate, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research programmes please:



AND (if applicable)

  • do not sign any documents or make any promises to the partner until University approval has been gained

Academic Quality/ YGRS and Global Partnerships (where appropriate) will explain the procedure for proposing a partnership, the documentation required and what you will need to consider to develop your collaborative activity. 

We use a staged due diligence procedure that enables the University to identify and manage risk and to assess the resource requirements and implications before an activity goes ahead. Gathering information about the proposed external partner and activity helps assess the level of risk involved for the University if it were to enter into a (potentially legally binding) contract/ agreement with that partner and to plan the administrative services, support and facilities that might be needed. 

See here for more information about developing international partnerships.

Current collaborations

The Academic Quality Team maintains a register of collaborative provision. For information about the register email

Other forms of collaborative activity

For other types of collaboration contact the following teams:

  • Global Partnerships
    • Establishment of a general collaborative agreement (eg Memorandums of Understanding and activities without a clearly defined learning and teaching goal) at institutional, faculty, school or department level with an international partner.

Who to contact

Taught proposals

Dr Adrian Lee 

Academic Quality Team 

Departmental AQ Contact

Research degree proposals

Dr Juliet James

York Graduate Research School

Apprenticeship programme proposals

Apprenticeships Unit

International activities

Global Partnerships

International Recruitment, Partnerships and Mobility