Building on the University's long history of forging impactful and mutually beneficial partnerships with counterparts across the world, there is support available to build global partnerships, whether that be for research, student mobility, teaching or industry engagement.

The Global Partnerships team works to develop strategic, multilayered partnerships with university and research partners across the world. We support and advise staff in their activities to grow a fruitful partnership.

We offer region-specific expertise and provide advice about international partnerships, including how to develop and sustain research links at the individual, departmental and institutional level.

Developing a formal partnership

Whether you're involved in teaching or research, there's much to be gained from international collaboration. Broadly speaking there are three levels of collaboration or partnership.

If you're interested in establishing a formal agreement with a partner institution or organisation, there are policies and procedures to follow. Please contact the Global Partnerships Team for support. 

York-Maastricht Partnership delegates

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) can be considered as the formalisation of a partnership, which signals intent to explore and promote collaborative activities between two or more partners. While the agreement is not binding, it sets out the shared objectives for a partnership.

University-level partnerships

Our policy is to partner at this level with a small number of selected institutions which are recognised for their academic excellence and their commitment to internationalisation, where the ‘academic fit’ between us is complementary and relevant, and where the benefits of partnership are mutual.

Developing an international teaching collaboration

We support and advise on international partners and international regulation. The Academic Support Office sets up collaborative taught programmes and offers policies and procedures. 

Funding opportunities

The research contacts in your department are the first point of contact for identifying funding opportunities.

Incoming and outgoing visits

Visiting other institutions is an important part of building departmental and institutional links. We manage a programme of visits to countries which have been prioritised for the development of international links.

We can facilitate visits to the University. If you would like to arrange a visit on behalf of an institution, get in touch at