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Business Consultancy Project - MAN00019H

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  • Department: The York Management School
  • Module co-ordinator: Dr. Michelle Upton
  • Credit value: 20 credits
  • Credit level: H
  • Academic year of delivery: 2024-25

Module will run

Occurrence Teaching period
A Semester 2 2024-25

Module aims

This module introduces students to the practical reality of becoming an effective business consultant and the key skills required to function as an effective consultant. The module complements other modules by giving students an opportunity to put their new knowledge into practice in a real consulting situation. The broad aims of the class are to develop skills in (i) effective practice of implementing business analysis and consulting tools and techniques and an appreciation of the issues which may arise (ii) functioning as an effective business consultant. The module will also be concerned with identifying successful strategies for coping with difficult contexts, such as vague initial specifications or a rapidly changing environment.

Module learning outcomes

A student completing this course unit should be able to:

  1. Manage an investigation into a topic of interest for both student and business practitioner, from problem definition to final report stage.

  2. Demonstrate a structured approach to investigating a business topic, from problem definition to making recommendations.

  3. Understand and reflect upon the development of their own knowledge and abilities.

  4. Critically appraise academic literature and research methodologies relevant to the investigation, and produce a synthesis of theories and empirical research findings to create an intellectually substantiated view.

Module content

  • Setting expectations, establishing rights and responsibilities

  • Review project management techniques

  • Review research methods

  • Managing client relations

  • Presenting conclusions and recommendations

  • Choosing appropriate presentation and documenting of findings and analysis


Task Length % of module mark
Part B - Individual Essay
N/A 60
Part A - Group presentation
N/A 40

Special assessment rules


Additional assessment information

Reassessment has two routes:

100% assessment with a new assignment. This route is for students who have not done Part A (group work) and therefore are unable to do Part B.

60% assessment. This route is for students who have done Part A but have not submitted Part B.


Task Length % of module mark
Essay/coursework - Part B resit
N/A 60
Open Assessment
N/A 40

Module feedback

Module assessment reports to students are written by the module leader for all assessments (open and closed) and placed on the VLE after the Board of Examiners has received the module marks.

The timescale for the return of feedback will accord with SBS policy,

Indicative reading

  • Newton, R (2019) "The management Consultant: Mastering the art of consultancy" 2nd Edition, Pearson

  • Wickham, L & Wilcock, J (2020) "Management Consulting: Delivering an Effective Project", 6th Edition. Pearson.

The information on this page is indicative of the module that is currently on offer. The University is constantly exploring ways to enhance and improve its degree programmes and therefore reserves the right to make variations to the content and method of delivery of modules, and to discontinue modules, if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the University. Where appropriate, the University will notify and consult with affected students in advance about any changes that are required in line with the University's policy on the Approval of Modifications to Existing Taught Programmes of Study.