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Medicines Optimisation - HEA00156I

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  • Department: Health Sciences
  • Module co-ordinator: Mrs. Jodie Coulson
  • Credit value: 10 credits
  • Credit level: I
  • Academic year of delivery: 2023-24

Module will run

Occurrence Teaching cycle
B Autumn Term 2023-24

Module aims

This module explores legal and professional standards, and national and local guidance associated with optimising medicines use for patients and clients. The principles of safe medicines use are applied across the lifespan and in a range of healthcare settings.

Module learning outcomes

By the end of the module, students will be able to:


  1. Identify legal mechanisms to supply and administer medicines, in a range of settings. Identify resources which support the safe administration of medicines across the lifespan.

  2. Outline the principles of Medicines Optimisation and how these are used to improve adherence.

  3. Examine the stages involved in the safe administration of medicines, including the ‘10 rights’ and effective utilisation of the British National Formulary.

  4. Achieve 100% in medicines calculation test.

  5. Discuss the causes of common medication errors, how to report them and learn from them to inform strategies to prevent error.

  6. Reflect upon appropriate ethical and evidence-based medicines use incorporating pharmacological principles.

  7. Demonstrate an awareness of pharmacology and how this links this to common issues such as Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) and problems caused by inappropriate polypharmacy.


Module content

safe administration, valid prescriptions, positive patient identification, adverse drug reactions, medicine errors, adherence, communication, medicine optimisation, pharmacology, drug calculations


Task Length % of module mark
N/A 100
Online Exam - 24 hrs (Centrally scheduled)
Numeracy Exam
8 hours 0

Special assessment rules

Pass/fail & Non-compensatable

Additional assessment information

Module assessment is a two station OSCE and is marked on a pass/fail basis. In line with NMC (2018) requirement 4.6 students are required to demonstrate 100% accuracy during calculation of medicines when undertaking the health numeracy assessment element. Students must therefore score 100% in station 1 & pass station 2 in order to successfully complete the module.


Task Length % of module mark
N/A 100
Online Exam - 24 hrs (Centrally scheduled)
Numeracy Exam
8 hours 0

Module feedback

Written feedback for the summative assessment is provided on the standard proforma, within the timescale specified in the programme handbook.

Indicative reading


Edwards, S. and Axe, S., 2015. The 10 ‘R's of safe multidisciplinary drug administration. Nurse Prescribing, 13(8), pp.398-406.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (2013) Medicines Optimisation: Helping Patients Make the Most of Their Medicines

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