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Clinical Decision Analysis - ECO00006M

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  • Department: Economics and Related Studies
  • Module co-ordinator: Prof. Karl Claxton
  • Credit value: 10 credits
  • Credit level: M
  • Academic year of delivery: 2022-23

Module will run

Occurrence Teaching cycle
A Autumn Term 2022-23

Module aims

The aim of this module is to provide an understanding and experience of the application of basic methods of clinical decision analysis to a range of decision problems in health care. In particular it provides a thorough understanding of the way clinical decision analysis can be used to evaluate diagnostic information, provide a framework for the economic evaluation of alternative strategies of patient management, and can also be used to inform allocative decisions about which health care technologies should be adopted and what research may be required to inform these decisions in the future.

Module learning outcomes

On completing the module the student will be able to: -

structure a range of clinical decision problems as decision analytic models.construct and solve these models in a spreadsheet, conduct sensitivity analysis, and interpret the results of their analysis.use these methods to conduct economic evaluation of alternative health care interventions.

identify the limitations of the models they construct and recognise circumstances when more sophisticated methods of decision analysis may be appropriate.


Task Length % of module mark
University - project
Project (Case Study)
N/A 100

Special assessment rules



Task Length % of module mark
University - project
Project (Case Study)
N/A 100

Module feedback

Information currently unavailable

Indicative reading

No single text covers all the material in this module but the following texts will be referred to:

Hunink, M. et al, Decision Making in Health and Medicine: Integrating Evidence and Values, Cambridge University Press, 2001.

Weinstein, M. C., and Feinberg, H. V., Clinical Decision Analysis, Saunders, 1980.

Briggs, A, Claxton, K, and scultpher M.J., Decision Analytic Modelling for the Evaluation of Health technologies, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2006.

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