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Printing made easy

Posted on 22 October 2021

York Print Plus, our printing, copying and scanning service, makes it easy for you to print your work from wherever you are.

A range of multifunction devices (MFDs) and printers are available in the Library, study areas and open access areas for printing black and white or colour, on A4 or A3 and double or single sided.

To print from a computer in the Library, a classroom or study area, simply send your work to the printer PrintCloud. If you're using your own device, you'll need to add the print queue the first time that you want to print - our set up guides will help you do this.

Then find your nearest printer, tap your card to log on, and then select Print Release to print out your documents.

But you don’t need to be sat at a computer to print. Our ePrint service lets you email or upload documents, giving you an easy way to print from tablets or mobile phones to the University printers.

  • Email your documents to from your University email account or a registered email account to print by email. The documents attached will be printed, but the email itself won’t be.
  • Upload your documents at, using the VPN if you’re off campus.

York Print Plus for students