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Child Welfare Research Group

We specialise in research on children and young people involved with children’s social care. Research carried out by CWRG researchers over the past thirty years has influenced national and local policy and practice.


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Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research

We conduct research across a wide range of society's issues to provide robust evidence which informs policy-makers and practitioners. All our work is aimed at creating positive change in the lives of children, young people and their families.


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Centre for Research in Comparative and Global Social Policy

We research how people across the world are tackling social problems. We analyse and compare welfare structures and social policies between nations.


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Centre for Housing Policy

We are one of the leading research centres for housing and social policy We explores the interconnections of housing, poverty and welfare in Europe and the UK.



Cemetery Research Group

We look at how the social, emotional and religious concerns have interacted with economics and politics to change the way we bury our dead.

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International Centre for Mental Health Social Research

We bring together researchers from around the world to undertake a unique research programme applying social science to mental health practice.


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Welfare Conditionality: Sanctions Support and Behaviour Change (ESRC)

We are looking at the effect of sanctions and support on the behaviour of people who receive benefits. How effective is it? Is it always justifiable?


Social Policy East Asia eXchange (SPEAX)

We coordinate research, teaching and collaborative activities within the areas of social and public policy and public management in East Asia


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Social Policy Research Unit

We have an international reputation for excellence in research in social policy, especially health and social care, poverty and welfare.


Alternatively, look through our list of current research projects for a flavor of all the things we do:

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