A hub for interdisciplinary scholarship, support and learning disruption.

The Centre for Advanced Scholarship in Management Education (CASME) is an interdisciplinary space through which to explore the future of teaching and scholarship in management education. Utilizing systematic reviews, audits of best practice, primary research, workshops and innovation events, CASME considers the changing nature of learning.

Established in 2020, the centre provides evidence on what works in higher education from the perspective of lecturers, learners and local communities.

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Key themes

Engagement and inclusivity

This theme is about recognising that different individuals and groups face different challenges when it comes to participating in higher education. It is concerned with how we can transform our pedagogies and curricula to facilitate successful transitions into, through and out of Higher Education for all our students. It focuses on the ways in which the intersection of class, race, culture, gender, geography and belief determine who can engage with learning and participate in academic communities. It seeks to assess how the delivery of management education impacts on the perceived value of higher learning in intellectual, ethical, social, political and economic terms.

Harnessing technology

Our technology theme is about better understanding how learners and educators engage with developments in hardware, software, changing environments and practice. It is about assessing the ways in which the digital revolution will disrupt higher education and preparing for the threats and opportunities that such disruption brings. Practically this involves collaborating with students and industry to transform learning environments, experimenting with virtual technology, and assessing how old and new approaches to education might be combined to advance the learning and wellbeing of all involved.

Pedagogy praxis

This theme is about the theory and practice of scholarship in higher education. It is about critical exploration of learning and teaching across a range of traditions and contexts with a view to shaping what we know and how we teach. This theme has a particular emphasis on the role of the teacher in shaping and facilitating learning relationships. It is also about challenging what counts as scholarship and the methods we used to advance understanding. More narrowly, it considers what it means to survive and thrive when it comes to the teaching components of a HE career.

Get involved

We regularly release working papers, systematic reviews and short films on the work of the centre, including free events on advanced teaching and learning.

If you would like to know more or get involved then please do get in touch. We welcome enquiries about associate membership from those who actively engaged in advancing scholarship in learning and teaching.