Projects started in 2008

The effectiveness and costs of behavioural approaches to the management of sleep and behaviour problems among disabled childrenAugust 2008 - October 2011

This project investigated the effectiveness and costs of behavioural approaches to the management of sleep and behaviour problems among disabled children. The study was funded by the government funded Centre for Excellence in Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services (C4EO).

Rethinking adult social care in England - lessons from other countriesJuly 2008 - October 2008

This project will contribute to the consultation process on the principles that should underpin the funding and delivery of care and support for adults and older people. The consultation will inform a Green Paper, to be published in early 2009. The project draws on existing published material on the funding and organisation of social care in other countries, ranging from Scotland and Wales to Australia, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands.

Evaluating the Caring with Confidence ProgrammeJune 2008 - May 2011

Evaluation of Caring with Confidence Programme which will offer carers new opportunities to gain the knowledge, skills and expertise they require to look after both themselves, and those they care for, in a safe, efficient and effective manner, and to access the information and support they need.

Investigating the longer-term impacts of home care re-ablement servicesApril 2008 - December 2010

Individual budgets sit at the heart of government policy for improving choice and control for people needing social care support. Individual budgets bring together a number of different funding streams and offer a transparent way of allocating resources to individuals. There are 13 pilot areas for individual budgets. Evaluating these pilot projects is fundamental to a future decision by government about whether this approach will be rolled out more widely.

Care provision within families and its socio-economic impact on care providersMarch 2008 - December 2008

This project aims to identify research evidence on the prevalence of and socio-economic consequences for, carers of older people and of other groups of disabled peopleand design a benchmarking system, based on these factors.

Transition to adult services of disabled young people leaving ‘out of authority’ residential schoolsFebruary 2008 - June 2008

Little has been known about the transitions of young people leaving residential schools which are outside their home authority. This was a small exploratory study of local authority practice with regard to how the transitions from residential schools of pupils of school leaving age were planned and managed.